Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Temper, temper.....

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Texas woman is behind bars after she battered five airline agents and a corrections officer after becoming irate over issues with her carry-on bag, according to the Orlando Police Department.

Officers responded to the Orlando International Airport around 2 p.m. Wednesday after receiving reports of a battery having taken place.


  1. Breathing on a government enforcer has resulted in battery arrests before, so I don't believe any of it anymore.

  2. Some folks seem to have a problem with impulse control. There's GOT to be a common link...

  3. I don't know why I even bother to click on the link other than confirm what I am reasonably certain to be the case.

  4. Award-winning chimp-out.

  5. The comments accompanying the article are priceless.

    1. My favorite comment:
      "Show the booking photograph, we'll write the story for you."

  6. Who knew. Another article about a quiet, humble, respectful misunderstood Amish woman.

  7. $3,500 bond? She ought to be set at least $50.000 cash for being a stupid dumbass. She will go back to Texas, and Orlando will never see her again. Even if she is arrested in Texas or somewhere else in five years, Orlando will say it's not worth the time or money to go get her.

  8. Anything to do with aviation, from entering onto the airport grounds to the terminal to the aircraft and at the other end, all of it is federal felony material. They are quite serious about it. They are not very lenient when it comes to aviation.

  9. Just another peaceful protestor.


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