Wednesday, August 05, 2020

2nd Lockdown? It Appears We’re Being Conditioned for it…

On the 28th of July, an article in SHTF Plan indicated that we’re being warned about the 2nd lockdown coming soon. This time, we might be really locked down, depending on how the remaining police and national guard troops respond to the tyrannical orders of the governors who spit and piss on constitutional rights. This pic immediately below shows peaceful protest that may never be seen again.


  1. I didn't participate in the first one. I won't participate in a second.

  2. If there's second lock down, kiss the economy further goodbye. Like the Great Depression, it'll take another big war to bail out the economy, if even then.


  3. I must have missed the first lockdown. When was it?

  4. Our Empress in Lansing has put some teeth in her latest executive orders, since those of us who believe in the constitution failed to obey. Note that I used the word obey purposefully. They are talking 500$ fine and 90 days in jail, for not wearing a mask into a damn grocery store.
    I used to be a nice guy, honest. I never would have thought of a female as any sort of person other than just one more American citizen. The word that starts with the letter 'C' and rhymes with hunt would not ever have even entered my mind, yet alone cross my lips. And yet, since this woman who would be queen was elected, only because of the shirt tails of the Michigan Recreational Marijuana initiative that was on the same ballot, she has appeared to looked for any reason to not only get her face on the television, but also to be interviewed by the national media complex, as often.
    Not that she is any different, of course, than our previous female governor. Jennifer Granholm was the exact same way.
    Both Granholm and the local newspaper here in my small city do have one thing in common with Will Rogers. While Will Rogers never met a man he didn't like, Granholm never met a microphone she didn't like. And the Muskegon Chronicle never met a tax increase it didn't like.
    As far as the news rag and taxes, the people could have gotten a tax increase on the ballot to give money from the taxpayers to Pablo Escobar, in order for him to build a bigger wall around his compound, to protect the people who process his coca leaves, and the Muskegon Chronicle would support it, because it was helping the poor people.
    The honorless Gretchen Whitless, during the middle few months of the worst part of the coronavirus, was on local network television, during the day, for over an hour, 3 days a week, like clockwork, even if she had nothing new to say, just to get her face time for the hoped for VP invitation that now seems to have slipped away.
    I think that the conservatives had a lot to do with her falling down the short list, when they went to the Capitol Building in Lansing, and protested her ridiculous lockdown, which doesn't make sick people feel better, but it makes sick politicians feel better. A few people brought guns with them, and I heard ahead of time that they were planning on doing so, which signaled to me that I didn't want to be there.
    I fully supported the protest, what I do not support is me being in a place where there are a large number of people and I know that there will be some carrying guns. It doesn't matter if it is meant to be a peaceful protest. I am not so concerned about the people that I side with, but rather, the people who might wish to come, and attempt to escalate the situation, in order to make those who wished to make a peaceful protest look like antagonistic thugs.
    The best way to not get shot or arrested for being involved in an illegal gathering, is to not be there.


    1. It wasn't an illegal gathering, Pigpen. The people who went there knew that even though Frau Oberstgretchenfuhrer said different. And they carried their firearms openly to remind her that the state does not have a monopoly on armed force.

  5. All y'all have stocked your armory, right? Right!?

  6. The lockdown will not only finish the ruination of the economy, it will facilitate the need for mail in ballots so the election can be thrown.

    1. I have been writing to some politicians and others to pass my idea around. Right now, obama is telling his audience that Trump his shutting the Post Offices down and doing other things to keep them from voting. So, if President Trump should sign an EO a week away from election day stating that if any voting turn-out looks like it is a fraud, then all National candidate votes are not allowed to be counted.
      Nevada is planning to send a mail-in ballot to everyone who has lived in Nevada like for ever?, even if they are dead, or out-of-state or lost their right to vote or are a wetback, everyone gets a vote. Today NV has a population of 2.8 million. What if the Sec. of State of NV comes out and says, all 190 million voters from NV voted for Biden? Who will challenge that? The GOP, pfft don't count on it. But if Trump has the gonads he could just say, "Nope" "Ain't gunna count". And not one fraud vote or even good vote would count. The dems are cheaters and liars. Actually they are criminals, and if they really go all out with the fraud vote, they have to be stopped.

      So, if everyone who reads this and gives a shit about where America is going would take five minutes and email the President and ask him to fight a cheat vote all the way, maybe we can stop the criminals. Tell Trump you will back him to win.

  7. Have been waiting months for an analysis as clear and simple as this (hint: it is not from Dr. Fuckee):

  8. where did i put my vols 1 & 2 of 'Poor Man's James Bond' ?

  9. Move to Victoria in Aus, and risk $13k and 5 years jail for Covid quarantine violations.


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