Friday, August 14, 2020

So much for honesty being the best policy


  1. That's funny because last time I got pulled over the officer asked if I knew why. I said "because I ran that stop sign back there". He actually started laughing and didn't even write me a warning. One time a lady I know (been married to for 30 years) got pulled over and asked why she was driving so fast. Answer: "because I didn't see you behind me". He cracked up and LET HER GO! I guess honest answers are rare out there.

    1. I got out of a ticket back in 91 or 92 for telling the truth. I had worked a 12-14 hour day and when I called my ex to tell her I'd be home in about an hour, she told me she'd have a blowjob and a back rub waiting.
      Well, I was blasting home and passed a cop going the other direction and he turned around and pulled me over a few miles down the road. When he asked what my hurry was, I told him. He laughed, flipped his ticket book closed and wished me a good evening.

    2. Similar thing happened to me about 40 years ago in Georgia. Ran a red light going home from a bar. Just told the officer that if he saw me run a red light than I must have. He told me I looked upset and just be more careful. No ticket!!!

  2. I've run more than one red light on purpose.

    Never when traffic is around, but at O-dark-thirty, not another vehicle anywhere in sight, why wait on some stupid machine to time out. After stopping and a good look around, I just go. Yeah, some day I'll get the ticket. I'll just pay it and go on with life.


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