Monday, September 28, 2020

Damn, I love watching this little girl shoot

 Watch little Autumn shoot a belt fed machine gun HERE.



  1. That was awesome. I waiting another year or so and then my granddaughter should be ready for the first time, and my grandson is two years behind her. Waiting patiently

  2. From her first trigger pull until the man said "Let her rip," she fired controlled bursts. Good teaching, good learning.

  3. Neat video and something many of us may never get to experience.
    Her personality and on-screen persona reminds me of a very young Jerry Miculek Jr.
    It will be fun to watch her grow.

  4. And Antifa want to invade rural America...

    Michael in Nelson

  5. Wouldn't be surprised if some self-appointed 'children's advocate' saw the video and then contacted social services.

  6. Kid had good trigger control... 5-7 round bursts LOL!

  7. Excellent job, little bit! Your trigger control and bravery to try something like that inspires me!
    And Superb job, dad and mom!
    Her smile after the last burst was fantastic. It reminded my of the first time I let my oldest fire my granddad's 1906 Springfield/Remington Model (1917 production date) .30-06 with my reloads that are about 80% of the Lee recommended loads. She turned her head around with a gigantic smile. I asked if she wanted another round and she, still smiling nodded with extreme vigor. I love my own reloads. I've never shot out past 200 yrd (most of my rifles are iron-sighted, so why bother?) and all my rifles are old. Keep bore ware down and save my ageing shoulder!
    -Just A Chemist


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