Monday, September 28, 2020

Gonna be hard to beat that charge

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Franklin police officer had a close call Monday night when three teens allegedly pulled a gun on him and robbed him of cash. 

According to Franklin Police Department, the officer was undercover posing as a gun buyer attempting to take a stolen semi-automatic pistol off area streets. 


  1. They were just three peaceful protestors who didntdunuffin.

  2. Just outside Ft. Meade in Maryland, they built section-8 housing in the rural area in the late 60s/early 70s. These low income slums, full of city-bred minorities, placed in farmland full of normal people, were islands of strife. "Meade Village" and it's sister development "Pioneer City" on the other side of the main road, were notorious for crime, mainly drugs, thefts and robbery. We locals would not go into either place unless absolutely necessary, and when you did, you were approached at every stop sign and asked if you wanted to buy drugs, which we declined because the deals were dangerous and the deals/drugs sucked.

    When I got a scanner and we started listening to emergency services, it became a Saturday night pass time to have a couple drinks, twist one up and listen to the scanner. Police would go to Meade Village and try to make an undercover drug buy, but they would get ripped off. Since the narcs were dealing with pedestrians on their own turf through their car window and were fairly easy to spot, they would either hand over the money and be handed a bag of something other than coke or reefer, or, more commonly, they would hand over the money and the dealer would just take off running with their buy money.

    The cop making the buy would be outraged and they would jump out of the car and give chase. The suspect would run to a nearby bicycle and just take off, or they would run through crowds of brothers standing around and/or run around the apartment buildings in big in circles, leading the cop(s) on a merry chase and escaping 99% of the time.

    It was great fun to listen to, as the cops expressed frustration at having their money stolen and being played. I don't think they ever caught one until shoe manufacturers invented those tennis shoes with the heels that light up when you hit the ground with them. They were ripped off one night by a guy wearing those shoes and it was like listening to beagles on a rabbit hunt, with several cops yelling on the radios about seeing the flash change direction and relentlessly pursuing the dealer until they finally caught him. Good times...


  3. Too bad they didn't resist like real gangstas would. It would have possibly saved taxpayers a lot of money over the years.


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