Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday Video 8


All I have to say is if I'd talked to my father like that, he wouldn't have tossed the game box in the pool, he'd have chased me down and beat me with it. But hey! he raised that kid to be the way he is, so you get what you get.


  1. That's funny, but that dad let that spoiled brat get away with stuff way to long. Now look at what society's going to have to deal with.

  2. No clue what started that, but I hope the kid's Dad wasn't like my Grandfather. When my Dad was growing up, anything that would have helped him get away from the farm and into a better life was destroyed. My Grandfather couldn't tolerate anything that would let his free labor get away. My Dad finally broke away by moving away and taking a hard manual labor job. He did OK and moved up after that.

  3. Yeah, my Dad was similar except after beating me with the game box, he would have put all of my shit out at the street and changed the locks on the house.

  4. I think most kids threaten to “make the call” to child services. My kid once threatened to call HRS on me; I told him go ahead, I’d make it worth the call. He never pulled that crap again.

    1. That sounds like my adopted Romanian daughter. After she had been here a few years, while throwing a tantrum, she told me "I wish I could go back to Romania!", to which I replied "I wish you could too".

      She's been a Mom and Dad loving American Patriot ever since.

    2. That did not look like a "child" to me except mentally.
      My nephews said that my brother once and he was not a physical punishment parent. They learn that shit in school, that anything like spanking or such is a crime.
      As with many things, in trying to protect kids from true abuse, they shifted the line way too far in the other direction and here we are as a result!
      How many of the modern freaks and spoiled brats that are actually adults could have used with something firmer than a time out?

  5. That made me laugh my ass off! On the other hand that is some sad shit if you think about it.

  6. The thought of talking to my dad like that would have never crossed my mind. My survival instinct is too strong.
    If he was pissed off enough to do that, he wouldn't have done that. He would have burst into my room, beat the shit out me, destroyed the game box, and then beat me some more. And that would just be the beginning of my torment.

  7. My Dad (and Mom) would have beat me black and blue for being so dis-respectful.

    L Jenkins

  8. Ken, the “son” looks like same guy in the “Thanksgiving grace” video here that is reputedly a setup.
    In any event, yup, we’d definitely had our butts beat for that. Or for even a much less level of disrespect.

    1. It is all a show! This kind of shit pisses me off, making vids that play on people's emotions when it is all a production. It may have started out as a gamer punk trying to show his conflicts with his dad and then they started making bank. The dude's channel gives it away.
      This is the most recent one,

  9. Seen a number of parents allowing certain behavior when the kids are very young because "it's so CUTE!!!". When the kids get older they wonder why the kids are such brats.

  10. Just watching that the back of my head started to instinctively hurt, I think I need an aspirin now.

  11. I still wouldn't be able to sit at 63 had I did a tenth of disrespect to the old man or mom. Game box? They wouldn't have let it in the house to begin with.

  12. Yup, if you don't raise them that is what you get. Any asshole can have a kid. A parent would never have let the kid get to that level of asshole.

  13. I remember a confrontation with my teenage son where he was seriously disrespecting his mother and I had to get out of bed and stop it. Stop it did when he became convinced from my stance and tone of voice that he was about to get the asswhipping of his life if he didn't back down rightthefuck now. Being a reasonably smart boy he did.

  14. My parents used to get upset when me and my ex wife would discipline our 2-3 year old kids. Not necessarily spank them, but not allow them to get away with doing wrong, thinking it was "cute."
    But when they were 4-5, we could take them anywhere, and not even have to monitor if they were being proper and decent. In a restaurant, we could give them a couple of crayons and a piece of paper, and they would not bother a soul.
    The tough part of that was that my parents owned a restaurant of their own for over 30 years, and my kids cousins were allowed run around out of control. My kids would just sit by us, and stare at the other kids, wondering why they acted like that, as if they were aliens or something.
    Guess whose kids grew up to be the most stable and decent grown ups?
    Yet again, the Bible has relevant words of wisdom. Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    1. It's good to hear that you employ more intellectual correction than physical abuse; from what I understand, it usually results in better kids.

      I am fortunate to be player-controlled and able to choose the way I want to go, rather than the countless ways I might have been trained in. That said, receiving a Christian education is one of the few things my mother did right.

      Abuse and cruelty were some of the other ways I was trained in; locked up in a stereotypical, hyper-conservative household, with nothing but relatives or tightly controlled circumstances to socialize in. Were I not able to choose my own way, I may have been set to the path of repaying abuse for abuse, and there were times when I did. They have since come to their senses and joined me in being more American / Constitutionalist.

      While you may already know this, I'll also add that Proverbs 22:6 isn't a hard-coded promise. A proverb is a literary device whereby a general truth is brought to bear on a specific situation; it is how things "generally work" rather than how they "always work". While the verse applies to the way of righteousness and Christian life, it also applies to the child's trade, societal duties, class, and cultural aspects. In general, children keep to the way they are trained and if they are trained to have self-control, patience, mercy, goodwill, etc, then they are most likely keep those traits throughout life, in general, but not in absolute terms.

      To say a child will absolutely not depart from the way they have been trained up in completely undermines free moral agency and self-determination.


  15. We had dads with razor straps who chased their kids around the yard in our neighborhood. Dads ruled back in the 1st 1/2 of 20th century. Something to do with WW2 vets. Today they have an 1 hour argument with a 15 year pussy then they both go off and find their safe place. Fuck Joe Clusterfuck .

  16. When I was that boys age, instead on just jumping into the pool after the system, I'd have taken dear old dad into the water and held him under. If I could have found the system, it would have been used as a bludgeon on dear old dad till he was left face down and unconscious in the pool.

    My dad liked to pull the destroy something you like a punishment game. It always ended in a fight. When I lost the fight, and I always did, his employer would magically be informed of the weed in his truck. When he would confront me about it, I'd always ask if he would rather his probation officer be informed.

    I haven't talked to him in years, but the day he dies will be one of the best in my life.

  17. Bobo The Hobo, you reminded me of one of my own parenting moments. Number One Son was misbehaving, and so The Darling Wife-Mark I and I imposed some limits: grounding or some such thing. We observed that a repeat performance would elicit a spanking.

    He responded, "Well, I'll just call the police!"

    I smiled. Told him to get his shoes, and get in the car. Now.

    We had a leisurely drive to our local small town police department. I asked if I could speak to an officer. The nice desk lady asked, why?

    I responded, "This child just informed me that should he require a spanking, and I administer it, he will call the police. I simply do not want to wait. May I speak to an officer, please?"

    She bade us sit, and soon an officer arrived. I introduced myself and Number One Son. The officer asked, had I spanked the lad yet?

    I replied, no, not yet.

    He asked, in what manner would I spank the child?

    I responded, with my bare hand, since the point was not pain, nor injury, but, rather, recalibration of his behavior. Once my hand started to hurt, likely my purpose had been accomplished.

    So, the officer asked, you intend to spank this child, if other measures do not change his behavior, in order to discipline him?

    Yep, was my answer.

    "Isn't that kind of your duty as a parent, to correct misbehaving children? I do not see anything you are describing as actionable by me. You're simply doing your job as a dad."

    I turned to my son, and asked, "Do you have any other questions for the nice officer?"

    1. Ron Willis would disagree. He taught us, use a leather belt. Hands are for hugging. A leather belt makes a lot of noise but doesn't cause serious injury, just the pride unless you go waaaaay overboard. One smack per year of age.
      My daughter called the police on me. They came and arrested her. When all was said and done, several school teachers were in trouble for interfering with parents rights.

    2. One day after school I watched Star trek then went out to do chores.
      Dad told me to get water for the calves. In my best Scotty imitation I replied "Aye" and turned to go do it. Dad thought I'd said why. The next thing I knew I was doing a summersault into cow shit. He may have been 63, but he could have still been a place kicker for any pro team.

  18. Back in the day mom was the ass whoopin' side of the team, with a fresh cut willow switch of my choosing. Too brittle or too small? Cut another one, and it better be right. Dad on the other hand said "I can beat your ass and two weeks later you will forget about it, don't make any plans with your friends this weekend, we are going down in the hay meadow and you can pick up the rocks, you will remember that."
    And 55 years later, I do. I miss that man.


  19. I see a lot of comments about beatings in here. Pardon my long winded response which is more to the comments than to the video.

    I remember beatings, I also remember it not correcting one bit of behavior; rather I hid it better and quickly learned how to manipulate. Screaming from pain and trying to dodge belt strikes and hiding under the bed like an animal only increased how much I despised my dad. I have a FEW decent memories with him; the rest are just recollections of abuse and terror, even just over the phone. I remember being beaten just for repeating a word to myself that someone said in the next room (open walls) when I didn't even know what it meant, not even an explanation, just merciless beating.

    While I don't despise him anymore, I also don't socialize any more than necessary despite being under the same roof. Beating your kids is a one of the best and fastest ways to burn bridges. Combine the beatings with being socially isolated, home schooled, and living on "the farm", yeah, not too surprising I developed into an introverted sociopath and landed at the bottom of my peer group's social order. What are friends? I don't recall making any of those; rather I recall people I saw under specific circumstance and locations; no freedom.

    Fortunately we got internet around 2000 and that was my window to the world; I learned more from the internet than my parents and education combined. I could socialize freely and names on a screen became important and still are. I'm very picky about who I care to be around in person these days but socialization is simply easier through a computer screen. I can roll away from my desk and go tend my plants or create artwork if I've had my fill of other people.

    All the good attributes one could have mean very little when you are socially ostracized and are conditioned to flinch every time someone raises their hand too fast. Fighting back is wrong, no, you don't do that, move your hands, don't defend yourself you brat, accept your beating, authority is always right. Enlisting was effectively the first time I was allowed to socialize in person outside of tightly controlled environments and you can imagine how that went. I was liked by my peers only in so much as I could be used for the task at hand before promptly becoming trash again; no amount of good will changed it and even those I showed kindness to from the start turned on me the moment it suited them. Welcome to the bottom of the social ladder.

    So go ahead, beat your kids, beat them until they scream and long after, belt them, spank them, slap them, call it what you will, lock them away, chase them under the furniture like animals; flex your power and rule over them like property, train them to be cowards, destroy their self-confidence, make them submissive and set them up for failure; they are yours to abuse and beat to your hearts content.

    It's assault, abuse, and a violation of bodily sovereignty and private property (The very first possession any person has in this world.) and I think it is reflective of an authority complex the previous generations were all too eager to flex. Maybe whipped and abused kids will turn out alright if they can repair the damage, maybe not. That people think this is all OK is a plain reminder of why I prefer the company of plants and animals.

    Reading some of these comments dredged up just about every abusive and indignant memory I have; ignorance was bliss when I had forgotten them.



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