Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Video 1



  1. The power of hearing in a very short video. Nice

  2. Western civ is the BEST civ….now who started cutting onions this early on a Sunday morning?

  3. Very touching. Especially to me. I have a cochlear implant. Medivac to Guam in 69 hearing was never the same and decompensated over the years. In the 70's VA doctors said deaf but not deaf enough. I bought my first hearing aid at about 26 years of age out of pocket. I still remember walking out behind my farm house and heard a Robin sing. I had not heard one since 19 years old. I looked up and it was sitting on a branch looking right at me and sang it's heart out. Did it get misty? Fuckin A. I fought the bastardly VA and finally won a disability. I've worn two aids since about thirty and at around 62 the hearing went out the window. VA did the implant at about age 70. These videos of seeing babies hear for the first time always reduces me to tears.

  4. Dusty in here. Thanks, Kenny, from one who lost a lot of hearing while protecting us from the evil commies..
    ~Unclezip - 13B40

  5. Thank you very much for sharing that precious video. I can truthfully say that it is by far the best thing I have seen on the internet in a very long time.

  6. 67-71.....loud Rock n Roll.....
    Policeman......loud guns.....
    Pilot......loud turbojet engine......
    Now.....poor high frequency hearing and tinnitus......
    Good hearing is a wonderful gift.


  7. My wife (who has hearing problems) says now that's a good use of technology.

  8. Absolutely amazing what some technology can do FOR people. Heartwarming.


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