Friday, December 01, 2023

Commentary: The High Price of Gaslighting Americans on Bidenomics’ ‘Success’

Anyone still wondering why voters trust former President Trump more than President Biden on the economy should read what the White House posted on X about inflation last week: “Ahead of the holiday season, costs are down for everything from airline tickets and car rentals to toys and TVs.” Biden and his underlings continue to believe public disapproval of his disastrous economic performance can be improved with happy talk and cherry picked statistics. It assumes Americans can’t remember how much less the cost of living was when Biden was elected.


  1. I do wonder if and when the LEFT will finally wake up and realize that the US economy is a mess? Of course, they will blame Mr. Trump.

  2. Gaslighting works because many millions of emotionally reacting people are stupid. Just look at obviously successful TV commercials.

  3. The Biden/democrat way :
    Cause a100% increase, then crow about reducing the new price by 30%.

  4. I don't fly anywhere or rent a vehicle, kids all grown so no toys. TV? don't need one. It's the food, fuel, clothing, and all the other things needed for everyday living that have me concerned.


  5. I note every item where they brag that prices are down is optional. Necessities like food, energy, shelter, and medication are all up. If I have no disposable income left over after the required consumables, I'm not going to be buying luxury items like trips and new toys for the kids; forcing those prices to go down.


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