Friday, December 01, 2023

How Did The French Resistance Fight Back Against The Nazis?

In the midst of the Nazi occupation of France, brave individuals defied tyranny and risked their lives to resist the oppressive regime. Explore the courage, sacrifices, and resilience of the French people as they fought for their freedom.

VIDEO HERE  (52 minutes)


  1. It became very popular to claim french resistance membership AFTER the war.

  2. My father used to give my brother and I small snippets of what the French Resistance used to do to throw sand in the gears of the Nazi war machine. We didn't realize the enormity of what he was telling us indirectly, but now with the experience and knowledge my brother and I have accumulated in life, it became clearer. My only question was, how did my father (who, BTW, had an Omega clearance) know all this stuff? He was in SAC, in photo interpretation when I was older, and yet he knew a lot of this stuff!! I'll have ot wait until I die myself and ask him who/what/when/where, and why. I'll wait.

  3. It seems the most successful on going business in France was the white sheet business. The entire country surrendered to the Nazi's in about 6 days. However many of thousands were in the resistance, 10-15-20 times more claimed membership after the war. Its been a communist country for decades.

    1. The French Resistance was, by and large, made up of French Communists.
      Many French Nationalists joined the Wehrmacht and the SS and fought against Europe’s mortal enemy, the Soviet Union and international communism.

    2. David Allen coleslawDecember 2, 2023 at 2:57 PM

      Well, the Allies saved Stalin and helped communism take over Europe, so...

    3. It’s a damn shame.

  4. Good film. I've read a lot about the French Resistance. Lots of stories from American soldiers. Had it not been for the resistance they said they would have been just another grave. Nope, I'm not big on the French but I cannot deny the courage of the resistance in WWII.

  5. The French and Italians..... all you normally saw was the back of them running. Hybo

  6. My uncle was 101st and got shot where the bullet hit him in the hip on D-day. French Resistance got him to a fishing village where he was taken back to England. Since he could no longer jump or march he was reassigned as a supply truck driver to Patton's Army. He had great respect for Patton.

  7. How many of the resistance fought like Charles DeGaulle, by hiding under Churchill's desk?

  8. One of the most interesting people I've had the privilege to meet was the father of a girl I knew in college. He was in his mid teens when the Germans occupied France.
    He worked for the resistance delivering messages, got caught by the Gestapo, escaped from prison and made his way to North Africa. Then it got interesting.
    He joined the Free French Army, got selected to go to America to become a pilot. In flight school was found to be a natural and retained as an instructor.
    After the war he went to college in the USA. Got a job with Lockheed. Worked on the team that designed the landing gear for the lunar lander.
    When I met him he was retired and a member of a Long Island Revolutionary reenactor group and with some other retired friends was building a 1/4 scale flyable model of an ME-109.
    We got to drink wine together, I listened.

  9. Less than 1/10 of 1% were in the resistance.
    The rest were just a bunch of cheese eating surrender-monkeys.

  10. That's what the article is about, the 1/10 of 1%. It's not about the cheese eaters. The 1/10 fought, were tortured, killed is there something more you think they should have done?

  11. How many of us are fighting the illegitimate Biden regime?
    How many of us lost our jobs rather than wear a useless mask or take a dangerous vaccine.
    I live in a glass house, so I try not to throw stones.
    I do know where the transformers are, and where the politicians kids go to school.
    Be ready to be the Resistance.

  12. brave individuals = communists.
    Did well, all the Western world is Communist.


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