Sunday, October 26, 2008

A big-ass fish and a mountain lion

I caught my first fish on a flyrod today.
I took my Dad fishing today and headed up to the Sierras to my favorite spot, Frasier Flat. I bought a flyrod a couple of weeks ago but had been too damned busy to try it out and decided that I better do it before the season closed for the year.
Anyways, we put on our waders and I went downstream while he went upstream. Just after getting in the water I looked to my left and saw a mountain lion trotting across the clearing towards Dad. I whistled to him and pointed. He looked, nodded and went right back to fishing. Good man. After 20 years in the Army, 3 tours in Vietnam, being married to my mother for 50 years and raising me on top of all that, it takes a lot to get him excited.
After a few minutes of fucking around and trying to cast to the hole that I knew was holding fish, I finally dropped a nymph right in the middle of it. All of a sudden, WHAM, FISH ON!!!
I had a hell of a time landing it but when I finally got it in it was 16 inches long, about 3 pounds and highly pissed. I was so damned excited - not only was it my first fish on a fly rod, it was also the biggest fish I had ever caught in a mountain stream.
I ended up catching 4 fish, the last 3 were about 10 inches in length. Oh yeah, and I finally got to see a lion, the first one I had ever seen that wasn't treed in all the years I had spent running around up in the woods.


LulaBelle said...

That's great-congrats on the fish!

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson