Friday, June 18, 2021

And I'll leave you with this:


What, they don't do background checks on MPs anymore?

Authorities in California’s agricultural heartland weren’t looking for a military assault rifle when they went to investigate the domestic assault case, but they found one. 
It was in the garage of a Spanish-tiled home in Fresno that police stumbled upon the AK-74. Its distinctively banana-shaped magazine — loaded with 20 rounds — was in a nearby storage container.

The Bitch

They didn’t want to turn her on but they did. I never want to turn her on but I do. After they had turned her on for awhile they grew tired of listening to her. After listening to her for even ten seconds I’m enraged by her. Somewhere along the long road to their duck hunting camp they named her “The Bitch” and turned her off. At random points on any road I drive I want to throw “The Bitch” out the window and run over her until she’s nothing but a flat black splotch on the asphalt. 

“The Bitch” has her uses. She’s helped me find my way to unknown destinations and out of places where I’m hopelessly lost. It doesn’t matter. I hate the very thought of her. She’s the worst nag since Eve made Adam slap on the fig leaf and remarked on how small it was. She’s Lilith and Delilah and the “What–ever Girl.” She’s the most passive-aggressive talker since the last speech by Barack Obama. She’s “The Bitch.”


I've got a love/hate relationship with my GPS. 

On one hand, it makes driving in unfamiliar areas a little easier. 
On the other hand, it'll give me a different route to take home almost every time. There are places 40 miles away that I've been to a half dozen times, yet I've got to use the GPS to get home because it invariably sends me on a different route and anybody that knows me knows I have the sense of direction of a fucking rock. I regularly get lost in hospitals and shopping malls.
It also has a habit of sending me on some of the weirdest routes. For example, to get to Woody's house I have to drive down my road 4 miles, hang a right for a mile, then another right, doubling back up on Hwy 10. That's all on paved roads at 45-55 mph. If I listen to my GPS, I'll go down a mile, hang a right, hit a dirt road, follow that motherfucker all over Hell's Half Acre, ford a fucking creek (I'm not joking) that may or may not be passable depending on how much rain we've had before ending up on Hwy 10, the whole deal taking three times the time that it would've taken had I just used paved roads.
Same thing going to Red Boiling Springs, the only other town in my county. It's a no-brainer - take my road down to Hwy 52, bang a left, go straight to RBS. Using the GPS has me traveling down one lane roads past meth labs, dodging coon hounds chasing my truck for disturbing their naps in the middle of the road, and then I'll invariably get stuck behind a tractor doing 7 miles an hour for approximately 12.4 miles.
I have seen some beautiful country using it though, I'll admit to that.

Watch out, the boogey man's gonna get you

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new federal intelligence report warns that adherents of QAnon, the conspiracy theory embraced by some in the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol, could target Democrats and other political opponents for more violence as the movement’s false prophecies increasingly fail to come true. 

Many QAnon followers believe former President Donald Trump was fighting enemies within the so-called deep state to expose a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibals operating a child sex trafficking ring. Trump’s loss to President Joe Biden disillusioned some believers in “The Storm,” a supposed reckoning in which Trump’s enemies would be tried and executed. Some adherents have now pivoted into believing that Trump is the “shadow president” or that Biden’s victory was a sham.

Riddy Arman

 Spirits, Angels, or Lies  (5:36 minutes)

Barbed Wire (3:22 minutes)

New Movement Teaches American Kids How to Think, Not What to Think

An American educator is persuading schools to implement viewpoint diversity in the classroom. 

Erin McLaughlin is a teacher from Pennsylvania who is making headlines with her approach to classroom instruction. She argues that viewpoint diversity, which is teaching students how to think rather than what to think, should be at the center of many curriculums.

Are Single-Stack CCW Handguns Obsolete?

U.S.A. -( Full disclosure, while I may have learned to shoot on an old Gen 2 Glock 17, my first quality handgun was a mil-spec M1911 chambered in .45 ACP. So, don’t mistake my opinions for those of someone totally enamored with plastic fantastic tactical Tupperware. That said, the title is a valid question. Are single-stack handguns obsolete in the era of ever-shrinking compact polymer-framed handguns feeding from capacious magazines?


I prefer single stack handgun because when I pick up a gun, I want it to feel like I'm picking up a gun instead of a brick.

California's so fucked up they can't even make a profit selling weed

The California Legislature on Monday approved a $100-million plan to bolster California’s legal marijuana industry, which continues to struggle to compete with the large illicit pot market nearly five years after voters approved sales for recreational use.

Helicopter Wars | Vietnam Firefight!

 Helicopter pilots in Vietnam were statistically twice as likely to be killed in combat in comparison to fellow foot soldiers. In this episode we listen as  veterans reminisce on training days, old fallen comrades, and some of the scariest moments they encountered during their noble military tenures. 

VIDEO HERE  (50:09 minutes)

Good video and a great war story, but the part I really got a kick out of was watching those wannabe pilots at Ft Wolters in the first 10 minutes of the video trying to hover a helicopter.

Sounds reasonable

The 39-year-old man charged in a weekend shooting spree told Columbus, Georgia police his assaults were racially motivated, targeting white men he felt had taken from him all his life, a detective testified Monday.