Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Game-Changers: Unveiling the Top 10 Tools Every Small Engine Owner Needs!

VIDEO HERE  (9:32 minutes)

I've been watching this channel for a couple years now and have learned more about maintenance and repairs of small engines from Bree (or however she spells her name) than I have in the previous 63 years.
She's got her shit together and manages to explain things clearly and shows you how to do it without getting her fingers in the way.

The death of the dollar store

For years, dollar stores were a fixture in nearly every strip mall in California, offering cheap household goods, bread and produce, and even toys and gifts.

But if it seems like your favorite dollar store is heading for the exit, you’re not wrong.

2024 may be their swan song.

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Hundreds of Non-Citizens on State Voter Rolls, but Democrats Say GOP Concerns Are ‘Election Denialism’

Democrats insist Republicans’ claims about non-citizen voting in U.S. elections is election denialism, despite states reporting hundreds of non-citizens were found and removed from their voter rolls. 

As House Republicans passed bills ensuring that only U.S. citizens vote in federal elections, Democrats claimed that concerns over non-citizens voting is merely a GOP effort to undermine faith in elections ahead of the November presidential election.

For My Enemies, The Law

The current condition in the United States has been described as a state of “anarcho-tyranny.” This term, originally coined by paleo-conservative writer Sam Francis, was recently defined by Tucker Carlson as “selective punishment while ignoring the rule of law.”

NY governor calls Trump supporters 'clowns,' insists state will 'solidly' back Biden

NEW YORK CITY (TND) — New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul labeled supporters of former President Donald Trump "clowns" Thursday ahead of thousands attending a South Bronx campaign rally for the former president.

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Commentary: 2024 Is America’s Last Chance to End the Obama-Biden Anti-American Revolution

Given the realities of the past three years of the Biden Administration, this article expands on the thesis we have made in these pages that the American presidential election of 2024 will be the most important since 1860. That is not hyperbole, but a recognition of the grave conditions the American people face—these are matters of life and death for the country. Like in 1860, the election on November 5, 2024, will determine the course of history and whether or not the United States survives as a constitutional republic. While the deep roots of this crisis have been many decades in the making, the immediate causes are found in the Biden administration’s unconstitutional, illegal, reckless, and revolutionary actions against President Trump, his advisors, the leaders and supporters of the Make America Great Again movement—and ultimately the American people.

Well, that's embarrassing

A San Diego police officer can been seen on newly-released bodycam locking himself in the backseat of his cruiser with a female suspect who wanted to have sex with him - before calling a colleague to let him out.

VIDEO HERE  (2:14 minutes)

Gotta admire his creative thinking

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- A candidate running for a seat in the Texas House is accusing one of his opponent's supporters of intentionally luring a swarm of bees to their campaign tent outside an early voting location. The beekeeper in question said he's being blamed for something he didn't do.

Yeah, she doesn't look like she'd be too hard to spot

CHICAGO — Prosecutors have filed charges in connection with three violent robberies that occurred on the Red Line on May 10. The accused is a 15-year-old girl. 

Chicago police recently released community alerts about two crime patterns on the city’s train system and shared CTA surveillance photos of suspects in both sets of crimes. A female with a distinctive pink hairstyle appeared in both alerts, but it is unclear if she is the person charged.

"Your Honor, Exhibit A....."

Police are investigating a hit and run crash that was caught on camera in Milwaukee over the weekend.

A news crew was on scene when a stolen car lost control and slammed into a parked minivan.

A swerving car collided with a parked vehicle, right before Kaylee Staral’s eyes.

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

A man wanted in a Florida shooting was found Friday “folded, not so neatly” inside a dryer, according to sheriff’s officials.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said David Jerome Jackson, 31, was a suspect in a March shooting and deputies received a tip he was in a home along Edgewater Drive.

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Well, that pretty much cancelled out his Good Deed of the Day

A 31-year-old man in Texas is accused of posing as a good Samaritan, offering roadside assistance to a woman whose tire had blown out, only to then kidnap and sexually assault her in the parking lot of his apartment complex.

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Just keeping the neighbors on their toes, is all

A Pasadena man has been arrested in connection with “over 150 unidentified explosions” in the city over the past two years, police said.

Art Leon Berian, 62, is accused of setting off the explosions, including 14 in the past two weeks alone near Allen Avenue and Washington Boulevard, the Pasadena Police Department said in a news release.

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Monday, May 27, 2024

What Helmet Art Can Tell Us About WWI

Some of the most fascinating artifacts in the collection at The Gettysburg Museum of History are the pieces of art that emerged from the soldiers who had survived their time in war. In this episode, we're looking at some of the expressions of art that were painted on helmets after WWI which tells us a little more about the history of this conflict.

VIDEO HERE  (10:34 minutes)

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