Friday, May 20, 2022

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How does murder impact property values?

As you may well know, the current housing market is a seller’s dream (and a buyer’s nightmare), but several factors can negatively impact property value and asking price on a home — including in-house deaths, particularly a murder. 

Often called “murder houses,” these homes are also known as “stigmatized properties” by the National Association of Realtors. Stigmatized properties include places that have been impacted by events such as murder, suicide, a notorious previous owner, and alleged occurrences like hauntings.

The .357 Magnum

Live long enough and you’ll see many changes. For example I just read at least two Apache warriors who rode with Geronimo died in car wrecks in later life. Who’d a thought? When guys like me and John Taffin and Clint Smith were young, the .357 Magnum was by far the most famous of revolver cartridges. Times and things change, don’t they?

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Your Friday evening Florida Report

MAY 16--A Florida Woman is facing felony charges for allegedly beating her husband with a belt after she “caught him watching pornography on his cell phone and masturbating,” according to police. 

Angela Davis, 30, was arrested Tuesday morning following a confrontation with the 51-year-old victim at their home in Summerfield, a Central Florida community.

Robert Cray in Concert 2008

VIDEO HERE  (47:36 minutes)

00:26 -  Phone Booth
05:26 -  Our Last Time
12:00 -  Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
18:38 -  Bad Influence
22:54 -  Twenty
29:58 -  Time Makes Two
37:18 -  Sittin' On Top Of The World
41:45 -  I'm Walking

Robert Cray - vocals, guitar
Jim Pugh - keyboards
Karl Sevareid - bass
Kevin Hayes - drums

Media Attack Sheriff Advocating Self Defense

Santa Rosa County (Florida) Sheriff Bob Johnson has created a media stir over comments on his preference for law-abiding citizens to shoot home invaders. 

The events that preceded these comments from Sheriff Johnson were reported on AmmoLand by Lee Williams. 

Events began when 32-year-old Brandon Harris allegedly broke into four homes in Pace, Florida. Harris is known as a “frequent flyer” to Johnson and his deputies, he has been arrested 17 times. During Harris’s alleged four break-ins, one homeowner attempted to take a shot at the criminal but missed.

Yeah, I'll take a hard pass on that

Are you thinking of retiring but cannot settle on where? Maybe you want to spend your time traveling the world? 

 Now you can turn this dream into a reality. 

With home prices skyrocketing and cruising increasing in popularity, more people are looking to live out their golden years out on the open seas.


I've got no desire to be packed into a floating city for a week, much less the rest of my life.

The Cycles of Revolutions in Our Midst

We are witnessing a number of radical military, social, and political revolutions that are changing the United States—and the world—in fundamental ways that we still have not appreciated. 

The taboo about never mentioning the first-strike use of nuclear weapons in a major conventional war is now apparently over. Vladimir Putin routinely threatens their use. Communist China hints at its growing nuclear capability and is hell-bent on rushing into production a huge new nuclear missile force. The world is defining nuclear incineration down.

Dude was on a roll

LOS ANGELES - The man accused of attacking comedian Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl has been charged with attempted murder for a case stemming from December.

A Chat with My Dad the Marine Corps Attack Pilot

Ward sits down with his father, Colonel Ned Carroll, USMC (Ret.), for a comprehensive conversation about his career as a Marine Corps attack pilot.

VIDEO HERE  (47:18 minutes)

Dems’ new gun control bill: federal license needed to buy one gun, confiscation, 5-year limit on license

Senate Democrats introduced a strict new gun control bill on Thursday that would require all Americans to obtain a five-year federal firearm license before purchasing a single gun. The bill also authorizes the government to confiscate an individual’s guns if the license is revoked. 

The Federal Firearm Licensing Act would force Americans to undergo firearm safety training — including a written test and hands-on training — in order to receive a license. Gun buyers would also be required to complete a criminal background check, submit fingerprints and proof of identity, and be over the age of 21.

Inflation proves Biden has done everything wrong all at once

Our increasingly ugly inflation problem is a perfect illustration of the Biden administration’s uncanny ability to get everything everywhere wrong all at once. 

The Biden administration’s first response to any problem is to pretend that it isn’t a problem. That’s how inflation went from a minor problem to a major one. Unwilling to take the necessary steps to rein in inflation early — pushing the Fed to raise interest rates and slowing down the torrent of money going out the Treasury’s doors — Biden and congressional Democrats at first insisted that inflation wasn’t a real problem: “Transitory,” they called it.

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Biden’s Panic Propaganda [The Pandemic Treaty]

Panic propaganda is a political tool designed to elicit an emotional response rather than a reasoned and factual one. Panic propaganda doesn’t have to be completely false. As a matter of fact, the best propaganda contains a very serious element of truth that is dressed in the most fantastic deceptions causing the people to react in fear rather than analyze facts. Biden’s Panic Propaganda du jour is the notion that he is about to sign an agreement with the World Health Organization that will “end American sovereignty.” It is true that the countries of the WHO are going to meet on May 22 to sign a health agreement. It is true that the Biden Administration has proposed certain amendments. That is where the element of truth ends, and the rest is panic propaganda and here is why:

Empire of Bioweapon Lies

What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow / Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man, / You cannot say, or guess, for you know only / A heap of broken images, where the sun beats, / And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief, / And the dry stone no sound of water. Only / There is shadow under this red rock, / (Come in under the shadow of this red rock), / And I will show you something different from either / Your shadow at morning striding behind you / Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you; / I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land: I. The Burial of the Dead, 1922

This glimpse of “fear in a handful of dust” already ranks as one the prime breakthroughs of the young 21st century, presented this week by Chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical, and Biological Protection Force Igor Kirillov.

The provisional results of evidence being collected about the work of U.S. bioweapons in Ukraine are simply astonishing. These are the main takeaways.

CDFW Investigates Possible Mountain Lion Attack In Trinity County

Wildlife officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) responded to a report of a mountain lion attack in Trinity County on May 16, 2022. The incident occurred approximately 3:00 p.m. along State Route 299 near Big Bar. 

A woman was driving on State Route 299 when she stopped beside the road near a picnic area and exited the vehicle with her dog. She began walking down a path with the dog slightly ahead of her. She noticed movement beside her as a mountain lion swiped her across her left shoulder, causing injury. She screamed and her dog, a Belgian Malinois, immediately returned and engaged the mountain lion. The mountain lion bit the dog’s head and would not let go. The woman attempted to throw rocks, tug and pull them apart, and even attempted to gouge the eyes out of the lion, to no avail.


Like I told Elmo, you gotta give credit to the dog too for doing its job. And then there was the other person who went down and helped free the dog from the mountain lion's jaws.
Seriously, can you imagine driving down the road only to have some bloodied woman flag you down and ask, "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to come down and give me a hand kicking this lion's ass?"

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Commentary: Cancel Yale Law School

If U.S. News and World Report’s ratings can be taken seriously, Yale is home to America’s top law school. Tuition at Yale Law School is just shy of $70,000 a year plus expenses for room, board, books, and sundries, though many students qualify for scholarships and generous financial assistance. A juris doctor degree from Yale opens a great many doors, but it is a fact that fewer Yale Law graduates go into Big Law than their peers from Harvard and other Ivies. Many go into government instead. It’s said that somewhere between 25 percent and 35 percent of all federal clerkships go to Yale Law grads. 

But what exactly does a three-year, $210,000 (plus) Yale Law School education purchase? In particular, what does a Yale Law education look like?