Tuesday, October 03, 2023

How Tower Cranes Build Themselves

A look at tower cranes and how they climb to extraordinary heights.

VIDEO HERE  (10:49 minutes)


My brother-in-law is friends with a crane operator working in downtown Nashville. He says the job is incredibly boring. He'll work for 10 minutes, wait for an hour or two, do another lift, wait for another hour...

On Guns, Drugs, and National Security, Dianne Feinstein Was Consistently Authoritarian

During Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's 2018 confirmation hearing, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D–Calif.) asked him to "reconcile" his conclusion that "assault weapon" bans are unconstitutional with "the hundreds of school shootings using assault weapons that have taken place in recent history." It was a classic Feinstein moment, combining her steadfast support for arbitrary gun laws with blatant misinformation and a logical non sequitur.

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Rep. Ogles Introduces Bill to End Chemical Abortions

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN-05) introduced The Ending Chemical Abortion Act on Thursday, seeking to end chemical abortions using the abortion pill.

“Chemical abortions not only end a human life but pose a serious risk to the lives of the mothers. The FDA has failed to protect women and unborn children for over 20 years. In 2021, it went even further and eliminated the in-person dispensing requirement. This decision has led to an overwhelming increase in chemical abortion-related ER visits, health complications, and even deaths,” Ogles reportedly said while flanked by pro-life students and legislators at a press conference near the U.S. Capitol. “It’s a tragedy that the Biden Administration and the FDA would put their radical pro-choice agenda ahead of the health and safety of women and girls across the country.”

Societal Looters

Truth? What is truth? I believe a number of things that I think are true, but that’s all from my limited perspective, what I can see from my small area of existence. I can reach out into other spectrums through blogs and newspapers, television shows, podcasts and even the local diner, but that’s all secondhand and usually comes with agendas.

Evidence is something else; it is not the truth. Evidence is a fact, but how that fact is presented can lead to a faulty conclusion.

'It's Our Choice To Use'

Drug users are upset with the San Francisco city government after the mayor proposed drug tests be required for recipients of welfare. 

"It’s our choice to use if we want to use," resident Amy Brown said of the policy, which Democratic mayor London Breed proposed this week as a measure to fight the city's homelessness and crime epidemic that's causing businesses to flee.


That's fine. It may be their right to abuse their own bodies as much as they want but it's also our right to choose to not pay for their fucking drugs.

And another liberal decides it's time to get tough on crime

Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar was carjacked at gunpoint Monday night near his residence in the Navy Yard area of Washington, D.C. just blocks from the Capitol. 

An alert sent to congressional members stated three to four men held guns to his head and took his car and phone, sources told ABC News.

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Forgive me for snickering

Josh Kruger, a leftist journalist and activist who was based in Philadelphia, was shot and killed inside his home on Monday. Kruger had a long history of downplaying violent crime in the city, often openly mocking those who expressed concerns about homicides in Philadelphia.

Commentary: Stand Up to Left’s Use of COVID to Shut Down America

The Democrat Leftists and oligarchical elites are very capable people; it brings pain to admit it, but it’s true. In the midst of seeking the demise the 45th President and his legal team from 2020, they have managed to continue the fear factor that ushered in mail-in ballots and multiple week voting ensuring a myriad of unexplained discrepancies, ballots without a chain-of-custody, and the White House.


Word that New York City set a drug-overdose death-toll record last year was underscored this week by Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan’s proposal that everybody now pack an OD rescue kit. 

“You should be carrying Narcan right now,” he says. “Narcan needs to be everywhere.”

Gonna make 'em squeal like a pig

KINGSLAND, Texas - A woman says her family members are banged up and bruised after a "very large pig" attacked them. The family said the pig has come back several times. 

"My grandma's being attacked by a random pig. Now my grandpa's being attacked," a 911 caller told dispatch on Monday.


 Aaand the money quote: "It knocked a person down, and began acting like a dog will sometimes do on a person's leg."

Rutherford County teacher accused of throwing bean bag at students

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Rutherford County teacher was suspended after they were accused of throwing a bean bag at students. 


Pussies. When I was in elementary school in Germany Mrs Johnson would regularly bounce a blackboard eraser off of kid's heads. I never said anything about it because then my dad would ask what I did to deserve it, then he'd beat my ass for it too.

And there's no need to comment that the article used the term 'they' when referring to a single person. I noticed it too. It came from a Nashville news station, what can I say.

Looks like Shaun may need a new gardener from here on out

The mayor of a town in Tennessee was arrested after allegedly attacking his girlfriend's son over payment for yard work. 

Burns Mayor Landon Shaun Mathis, 45, was charged with domestic assault following the altercation on Sunday, the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office said in an arrest affidavit obtained by WSMV.

An illegal carrying around $2k in cash.....

CHICAGO — A Venezuelan citizen living at a downtown migrant shelter was carrying nearly $2,000 cash when Chicago police arrested him for jumping a turnstile at the Lake Red Line station, according to his arrest report.

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - An Altamonte Springs police officer was relieved of duty after he reportedly took Volusia County deputies on a high-speed chase, an arrest affidavit shows.

Good Morning


Sometimes it helps to actually look out the windshield

MIDDLETON, Mass. - A Massachusetts DoorDash driver recently took the road less traveled when their GPS led them on an unexpected delivery route straight into a swamp.


And then the cops confiscated the donuts.

Trying to pass


Just catching some rays

A Georgia woman found asleep while floating on an inflatable mattress at a Newton County residence is accused of burglary, authorities said.

Amanda Lynn Jordan, 40, of Madison, was arrested on Sept. 18 and charged with burglary, the Morgan County Citizen reported.