Monday, October 27, 2008

Fool me once.....

I snatched a load of clothes out of the dryer and marched them back to the bedroom for folding. I returned only to find one of the Evil Cats curled up inside the dryer enjoying the warmth.
When this happened last year with the same Evil Cat, my ex picked her out of there, held it in her arms and explained (!!!) to it why it shouldn't be in the dryer.
Obviously that didn't work.
I walked over and slammed the door, hit the button and let the dryer go around 3-4 times with the Evil Cat inside, then turned it off and opened the door.
Camoflauge shot out of there yowling and spitting, I laughed and went on about my business.
Problem solved. It will never happen again. Guaranteed.


Deb said...

We are soul mates!

Tell me the dryer was the kind with a window!

wirecutter said...

The Evil Cat was lucky it didn't have a window. I'd have put it air fluff, grabbed a beer and a chair and spent my afternoon there.