Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hot sauce

I read on Tabasco's website a few years ago that the average family uses 2.5 ounces of pepper sauce a year. A quick check of my refrigerator turned up 5 different kinds of hot sauce, none of the bottles under 5 ounces, and I'll burn through those before the end of the year.
Ever sprinkle red Tabasco sauce on your popcorn? Yum........

I'm not even going to mention how many jars of store bought salsa I have, and I use mostly my own homemade stuff.


LulaBelle said...

Have you tried Tapatio and lemon on your popcorn? Excellent!

wirecutter said...

No, but I will in about 4 minutes.
Tapatio is my second most favorite hot sauce. Great on tacos - lots of flavor and heat.

ibeam23 said...

Tabasco on popcorn is great! It's even better on mashed potatoes. Or scrambled eggs...

Deb said...

I will surely be banned from ever posting again after I confess this: I have never bought or had Tobasco sauce in my entire life.

I will be sure to get some this week 'cause tobasco on scrambled eggs could be pretty good. Better than ketchup?

I don't even know what Tapatio is so now I have to go Google it.

wirecutter said...

Oh, ketchup doesn't even compare to Tabasco on your eggs. Just use it lightly - you can always add more.
I can't believe you've never had it before!

Tapatio is just a different kind of pepper sauce, a little thicker with a little different taste.

There's about a million different kinds of hot sauce, some mild like Tabasco and some so hot you'll shit fire.