Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Naw, Race doesn't have a thing to do with it

Audio recording - no video

From the Howard Stern Radio show:
A Stern co-hort went to Harlem and recorded some interviews with residents and asked them who they’d vote for and why? He then asked how they felt about Obama’s political positions, but inserted McCain’s actual positions instead …. including switching the VP’s as running mates. Very scary indeed.


Some White Guy said...

This just means that there are a lot of people too stupid to vote. Also, I'm sure that there are at least as many white people who are picking their candidate for exactly the same reason. Run on down to the deep South and ask the same questions but with the tables turned. You'll get the same results

wirecutter said...

Oh I'm sure.
It's pitiful that race of any color plays a part in this election.
Myself, I could care less what race or gender the President is as long as they leave me the fuck alone.
Thanks for your comment.
- Another white guy