Saturday, November 01, 2008

I will behave, I will behave, I will behave

Today is the day of my parents' 50th Anniversary party.
I have starched and pressed my best pair of Wranglers and a nice shirt, polished my fancy boots, bathed, shaved and trimmed my handlebar mustache, brushed and waterproofed my "marrying and burying" 10X Stetson, left bail money with my best friend and braced myself to face all my damned relatives.
Two hours to go.
Wish me luck.


VC said...

Who is holding your bail money?

I'm betting that drinks are on him tonight! ! ! !

wirecutter said...

Shit, I didn't even think about that!!!!
Maybe I better drag him to the party too.

ibeam said...

I love the comment about bail money!

wirecutter said...

Yeah, Vince always seems to nail me.