Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks Ibeam!!

When my computer went down, I went over to Mom's house and kicked an email to all my friends and family asking them to NOT email me until I sent them a note saying I was back up and running.
That was a fucking mistake.
I think the only one that didn't send me any messages was my friend Ibeam. Here's a comment that he posted on my first entry of the day today and my reply to him in this post.

Glad to see that you are back, buddy! As you must have noticed, I was one of the few that took heed to your email and DIDN'T write to you until you said that you were back.

I think you were the ONLY one that didn't email me. But then again, I left myself wide open when I sent that email to all my friends explaining that my computer was down. All it did was give 'em a green light to flood my inbox. They forwarded me their spam, stuff I had sent them, stuff they had already sent me, memos from work, an incredible amount of porn, videos of cars driving down their street, letters from their friend Ayoob Marshall from Nigeria, and reminders for them to make their court dates. What can I say?
What really sucked was that my mother was one of the worst. I mean really Mom, I could care less that Cousin Lester is a model prisoner.......