Friday, December 12, 2008

Big-ass trout

Me and Dad are headed back up to New Melones (Mah lone ees, Deb) in search of the elusive Big-ass trout. It's supposed to cold, cloudy and breezy tomorrow, so hopefully we'll nail a couple.
And in answer to Jimbo's email: yes, a 16 inch trout is a little bitty one. A Big-ass trout has to be 24 inches and 5 pounds minimum. The canyon reservoirs around here are over 300 feet deep, so the only time of the year that you can catch BAT are in the winter after the lakes have turned - when the surface temperatures of the water are the same as the deep parts.
Wish Dad luck.


Daver said...

Define cold, it was 19 for a high here today. If you are willing to roadtrip to Idaho I know a guide that will put you on huge trout.

wirecutter said...

Uh, cold is in the 30s.
Fuck 19 degrees, that's when I stay inside with a bottle of brandy.
I am a California Sunshine Boy, ya know.

Anonymous said...

good luck wit hthe fishing i do love spending summer days at the lake catfishing

ps fuck that cold shit sundays high is suppose to be 77 the low is like 50

Deb said...

Hey Sunshine Boy,

Good luck to you and dad in search of the BAT.

Thank you for the phonetic guide to pronouncing "Melones" - is that a derivative of the Texas way of saying 'My Lone Knees"? Maybe it's Californian-Spanish for the pleural of melons?

Up here we have Lake Chickawaukie (chick-a-walk-ee). I'm sure you can come up with your own explanation for that name!

wirecutter said...

The name Melones comes from the town (now underwater until we get a good drought) that bore the same name because of the shape and size of the placer gold that was found there on the Stanislaus River during the gold rush. Damn, I sounded semi educated for a minute. I better watch that - I do have an image to maintain.

And I can live with "Sunshine", it's better than Puddin which is what they used to call me at work because of my meek demeanor and calm manner until I starting kicking their asses for it.

And yeah, I came up with a GOOOOD reason why the named your lake that, heh heh heh.