Friday, December 26, 2008

A favor for me, please?

Me and Dad are going back up tomorrow to try for Big-Ass Trout.
I've caught BATs before, but my dad hasn't. Sure, he's caught some steelhead that would make my BATs look like bait, but that was years ago and they weren't pure freshwater fish.
Would y'all be kind enough to offer up a prayer or think positive thoughts that Dad not only catches the biggest fish tomorrow but that it'll be a fish that he'll remember?
He doesn't have a lot of years left and I want to give him something that he'll remember. I mean hell, I've already got the taxidermist lined up with the promise that he'll have the mount ready by his 69th birthday in mid-March. I know the memory of the catch would be enough, but I want something for him that he can brag on when folks see that trophy fish on his living room wall.
Do this for me please?