Saturday, December 13, 2008

For Ted

Leave the boat at home and fish from the bank. And stay away from Angel's Cove or Glory Hole unless you want a long-ass hike down to the water. The hike down ain't too bad but the walk back up is a bitch.
Try Tuttletown at the lower boat ramp, and I do mean AT the ramp. I was standing on the bank and bouncing spinners off the ramp and connecting about every 10 casts. Some I caught, some I missed.
The lures that I mentioned in my earlier post work, as well as inflated worm/marshmallow combos and powerbait, green or rainbow - the bait being fished on the bottom maybe 30 feet from the shore.
The fishing is red hot right now, and one of the guys was telling me that the big bass are starting to follow the trout into the cove. He said one of his partners caught a 19 pound largemouth fancasting a swimbait just off the island nearest the ramp.
Good Luck.

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