Friday, December 12, 2008

From Deb - Camden, Maine

Okay, I'm publishing one out of order just because I love her blog.

In case you forgot, my name is Debbie and I am a Maine-ah.

(Sounds like an AA meeting).

I've been a blog reader and writer since August. I can't stop reading Knuckedragging My Life Away. It is consuming my life. I check in on it almost daily. I am addicted to the photos, especially the white trash ones and ones that involve anything that terrorizes a cat or Oprah.
I hate anything politically case you couldn't tell by the cat/Oprah comment. I do not have a Harley (but I've touched one). I don't live an exotic place like Waco or Brisbane (but I've been to Barstow, CA).
Can I still hang out here with the bad boys?

Yeah, you can roll with us.
Hate to tell you this Deb, but if you've been to Barstow that pretty much qualifies you as Straight up White Trash, God bless you.
Sorry 'bout that.


Anonymous said...

hey deb i also read your blog..your not missing anyhting in waco i promise its alot like california minus the queers and the summers are in the low 100's


Deb said...

LOL @ Sunshine Boy (that name SO suits you) and Anon (Andychrist is the perfect name! - sorry Sunshine).

I've been THROUGH Barstow on a drive from Vegas to LA. Nothin' but dust. Never been to Texas. You can keep the 100 degree crap. I'll take the current temp of 24 degrees here with a wind chill of below 0. At least the sun is out.

Deb said...

PS- thanks for stopping by my blog Andychrist (are you related to Jesus Harold?) and Sunshine (I giggle every time I write "Sunshine").