Friday, December 12, 2008

From Ron - Brisbane, Australia

Wirecutter, Your post is fairly good among all of the blogs of the net. You, intrinisically tell your life as it is & was, without any bullshit. Which makes a refreshing change for a lot of blogs that come out of America (or is that 'merica' - pun, joke). All things aside though, people can relate to your outlook on life/economy/likes etc without all of the arse covering exercises that other sites and people do. It's an interesting insight into ordinary (real) America and the people who live there, not the political or social image that we get fed on the news. Keep up the good work, it's good to see that people are not that different regardless of where you live.
Ron; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Yes we have the internet all the way down here, you've just got to pull the string hard sometimes.

Thanks Ron. Folks are the same all over.
I gotta tell it like it is, it's the only thing I know.....
I appreciate your reading my blog and if you ever get to the States give me a holler and I'll take you to San Francisco so you can see my "California" posts in real life.

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