Sunday, December 14, 2008

From Wirecutter - Modesto, CA

Top picture: Probably the best picture ever taken of me, taken 2 years ago.
Bottom: What I look like today, although this picture was taken last winter.

Jamie wrote and said that since I asked my readers to tell me a little about themselves, it would only be fair if I were to tell my readers a little about me.
Okay Girl, you asked for it.
My name is Ken and I was born here in Modesto in 1959. My father was a professional soldier, so I spent my younger years traveling all over the States and Europe. I've lived in California, Washington state (twice), Missouri (twice), Maryland, Germany (twice as a youngster, once when I was in the army), Texas, and Georgia.
I've worked as a horse wrangler, in a photo lab, construction, served in the Army (yes, I was honorably discharged) sold weed, worked as bodyguard/driver for a drug dealer, worked at an army ammo plant, and now I've worked at a warehouse for the past 16 years.
My interests are shooting, fishing, more shooting and even more fishing. I also do a fair amount of prospecting. I consider myself a student of Western History, specifically frontier and mining camp history.
I'm kinda sorta heavily tattooed - 21 at last count. I don't consider it a lifestyle, it's just something I started as a youngster and continued over the years.
I am single - married once in 1991 and still going through the process of divorce a year after I filed. I have no children. I don't want any children.
I started blogging in August of this year. I don't remember why I started but I really enjoy it. I like the fact that there are others out there that are just as warped as I am and more than a couple that are willing to admit it.
Okay Jamie, are you happy?


LulaBelle said...

From one warped blogger to another-thanks for sharing!

Deb said...

Nice to meet you, Ken. You remind me a lot of a guy named Sunshine.

You and I started blogging the same month (look how far we've come!) and we are the same age (very young). Personally, I like the bottom photo better.

PS: Word verification is amice. Better than many mice.

wirecutter said...

My aunt laughs about my many faces. One day she has a biker for a nephew, the next day he's a cowboy and the next he's homeless.

Your mice post reminds me of the time me and Brotherman Jerome were laughing at how much we had in common growing up. He said "We gots rats in the 'hood, you gots rats in the trailer park."
I told him "Naw, no rats in the Trailer park but you oughta see the size of our motherfucking mice!"

And it's very nice to meet you. Maybe one day I can send you pictures of Barstow.