Friday, December 05, 2008

Go, Pops!

I'm headed up to New Melones tomorrow with Dad to catch some big ass trout. The weather is flat out fucking cold, the lake temps have turned and the bite is on.
I found out the other day that he has never caught a trout bigger that 4 pounds.
It's funny, but when I was just a pup he used to take me fishing and hope that I caught the bigger fish. Now I'm taking him and hoping that he catches the biggest fish.
Life has made that circle.

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john lee said...

Rock on for you Dude!! Hoping he catches the Mack Daddy this year.
Several years ago, I went through this with my Dad, although at a car event, and he got the Deal of The Day, while I didn't get anything worth a crap. Have a Blast, Stay Warm and Enjoy the Company of Pops while you still got him around.