Monday, December 01, 2008

I think I need another dentist

Okay, I learned a very valuable lesson today.
Never ever go into the Dentist's office with a load of Copenhagen still in your mouth. While I truly forgot that it was there until I climbed into the chair and he had me open up, I saw the light right away.
He about had a fucking heart attack.
And while it was funnier than hell watching him go ballistic and bounce off walls, the entertainment stopped shortly afterwards, just about the time he started his exam with all those sharp little picks.
"DON'T YOU (jab, jab) COME INTO MY FUCKING (jab, jab, stab) OFFICE WITH (jab) THAT GARBAGE (stabpokejabjab) IN YOUR MOUTH (jabjabjabstab) AGAIN!!!!!!!"
This shit went on for 20 minutes.
It almost wasn't worth getting my teeth cleaned.
When I left, I turned around to see him glaring at me, picks still in his hand and drool running down his chin. I wiped the blood off my lips, smiled and popped in another chew and then ran for my truck.


VC said...

That was so funny I scared the baby! ! !

wirecutter said...

I thought so too. But tommorow I think I'm going to be one sore sumbitch.

Ride Fast said...

Rinse your mouth out with Scotch! Heh.

I get yelled at for having bugs in my teeth. Cause I'm a happy biker.