Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My day

I'm sorry for not posting more tonight.
It's been a fucked up day.

I was working with Roger today running bread to the different dock doors, a flat balls-out job. I mean, that job keeps you hustling all day.
At one point I asked Roger what stores he had delivered and he started rattling off a bunch of store numbers and the dock doors they went to. Now you have to understand that I am dyslexic and I lost track of what he was saying about 2.5 seconds after he started, so I figured that I would just sort it out myself. When I got to where the bread was staged, he saw me scratching my nuts and said "Damn it, weren't you listening? I told you what the hell to do!"
That tore it. I ain't afraid to box with anybody, so I jumped off my motor and got in his face and told him "Check this shit out, man. You don't get off my ass, I'm going to take a fistful of my mood pills and shove them down your motherfucking throat."
He looked at me for a second and started laughing. "Yeah, like they do YOU any good."
He had a point.

Then I heard that deal about trout planting (see my first post of the day). This year's plants are BATs in 3 years. This just shot my favorite activity right in the ass.

Then I found out my heater is broken again. 2 years ago it cost me $1200 to fix it. Fuck that, I ain't paying that kind of money for 3 months of heat. I'll buy a couple of room heaters this weekend, but in the meantime......

My dog pissed on the floor. In front of me.

And I burned my fucking dinner.

I believe I should just shoot myself, but with my luck I'll get a misfire.


VC said...

Your wife ain't pregnant.

LulaBelle said...

Here's to a better day......

Deb said...

I am so sorry...I am laughing at your expense. It's the dog peeing on the floor in front of you that got to me. Was he flipping you the bird while doing it? Sort of sums up your pissy day, huh?

Just remember Sunshine,
"The sun will come out, tomorrow!
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!"

wirecutter said...

VC: Yeah. Ha ha.

Lula Belle: It was.

Deb: Yeah. Ha ha.