Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's true. I am a knuckledragger

We had a boss a few years back we called Happy Jack because he wasn't. This guy had a biker's attitude with an accountant's body and had a fairly good sense of humor.
One day I caught my buddy Rick near Happy Jack's office and said "C'mon, let's go fuck with Jack."
We headed up the stairs and when I opened the door, Jack was at his desk doing paperwork.
"Hey Jack, you ever fuck a goat before?"
He didn't even look up. "Maybe one time when I was drunk."

I turned to Rick when we left and said "Isn't it cool that we can go up to the big boss and ask if he'd ever fucked a goat?"
Rick said "Have you ever worked anywhere that you COULDN'T ask your boss that?"

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