Monday, December 01, 2008

Knuckledraggin mi vida fuera

Hey, I was checking my sitemeter referrals and clicked on a link which led me to a Spanish blog. On his blog roll there's my blog - the name is in Spanish - Knuckledraggin mi vida fuera
How cool is that?
The name of his blog is Arruinando la Internet or Ruining The Internet. You can find his English language blog in my blog roll.
Thanks, Daver!


Ride Fast said...

So Knckledraggin is contributing to the ruining the internet?

Hell, I'd be proud, too!

(the word verification word is "terper" that Spanish for perper?

Deb said...

Que pasa? That's the only Spanish I know.

So, Mr. International Blogger - now that you are a man of the world you're not gonna need bigger hats and wider doorways with all this fame, are you?


wirecutter said...

Hey, I'm suprised at how many international readers I do have. I've got at least several in exotic and mysterious lands such as the UK, Romania, Texas and Saudia Arabia.