Sunday, December 07, 2008

My fishing trip

Well, my fishing trip was pretty much a bust as far as fish goes, but a huge success as far as getting out with Dad and having a good time.
The weather looked perfect for big ass trout when we left town before dawn - misting, foggy, and cold but once we got above Jamestown it started to clear and when it broke dawn I knew we were in trouble. The sky was as clear as it could be. That was fucked up.
But what the hell, we were already there so we climbed down the canyon to my fishing hole only to find that the lake had receded so much that it was now a pasture.
I billygoated back up to the truck while Dad struck out for the water. I was going to meet him a couple of miles down the shoreline, so I zipped down towards the parking area only to find it was closed because the boat ramps were out of the water. It's been years since I've seen that lake so low.
When I finally parked and found Dad, he was at a spot that looked pretty good, so we kicked back, started fishing and bullshitting. It was a good time, really. I don't get to spend a lot of time with Dad, maybe an hour here and there.
I caught one little trout, maybe 16-17 inches long, and Dad hooked into one that probably would've went 6 to 8 pounds but ended breaking his line and losing it.
The best part of the day was when we got back to his place, he couldn't find his keys, couldn't remember if he'd brought them along or if he'd lost them at the lake so I called Mom to find out where she was at.
She was downtown at the Christmas Parade and couldn't get out right then, so she told me to take Dad to my house and she'd pick him up on the way home in an hour or so. Then she told me "DO NOT let your father drink any beer, am I clear?"
Dad wanted to know what the deal was so I told him that Mom said to just go over to my place and enjoy a few beers until she got there.
Mom was pissed when she got there and me and Dad already knocked back a six-pack.
But it was a good day all in all. Looking forward to next weekend if I can sneak Dad out of the house......


Hobo said...

Never miss the opportunity to spend time with your father. Even after 43 years, I wish I could do so again.

wirecutter said...

Thanks Hobo, I intend to just that.
He's my best friend and it's funny but even at my age I'm still learning from him.