Sunday, December 28, 2008


Dave, my best buddy from back in the 80s, had a strict rule at his house:
No Gunfire Inside The House.
What a puss.


Anonymous said...

your not a true gun nut if you haven atleast accidently shot your house once


wirecutter said...

A buddy of mine picked up a 38 special that was laying on my coffee table and drilled a hole right through the center of my door at eye level.
The dumbass thought it was unloaded, but it would've killed anybody that was standing in front of my door.
I started to replace the door but figured that the hole was the perfect place for a peephole. I just stuffed a rag in it when the weather got cold.
How Okie is that?

Ride Fast said...

That is pretty Okie, but clever.

When I was moving I set a drawer down in the living room with a loaded .22 auto in it. My buddy picked it up and aimed at the apartment building across the ally.

When he squeezed off a shot I was so startled it took me a second to take the pistol away from him.

He did take out the light above the stairs at about 50 feet though.

Ramon said...

No shooting in the house? How do you kill the mice?