Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

I started blogging in August and installed sitemeter about halfway through that month.
My hits have risen steadily as you can see. Now I'm at 3000 hits for this month and it's only the 20th.
I know this is a piddlin' amount compared to others, but considering I didn't tell a single soul until after September, this is a hell of an accomplishment for me.
I want to thank all of my blogger friends that have linked me in from their sites, too many to name but most of all I want to thank all the readers that come back day after day, reading my brand of humor.
Y'all are bunch of sick mothers.....


bookmole said...

Nice to see you doing well! I drop by every day. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

curtislowe said...

Congrats man! I enjoy your site...