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The cost of ammo

I just got a comment from Daver (Ruining the Internet) concerning my post earlier on reloading tools that mentioned Cor-Bon bullets and it reminded me of something.

While I was going through my divorce I filed a restraining order against my wife due to domestic violence. When she was served she saw the part that said by law she had to surrender all firearms. Well, that gave her a little ammo against me, knowing how much I love my guns. So guess what happened next? She filed one against me and I had to surrender my firearms.
When we had the hearing the judge basically told her that she was full of shit, refused to make the restraining order against me permanent and said that I could recover my guns.
That turned into a 3 month ordeal, and when I found out that it was going to take a while I went over to Dad's house to bitch and moan about it. Dad asked if I had a firearm and when I said no, he reached into the side of his easy chair, pulled out his 357 and handed it to me saying that it was loaded with 38 special +Ps.
I didn't want a 357 loaded with 38s so I stopped at my local gun shop and asked for a box of 125 gr 357 hollow points. The counter man asked what flavor I wanted and I said Cor-Bons if he had them. He flipped a box of 20 up on the counter and I pulled a 20 dollar bill next to it.
He said "Been a while since you bought any loaded ammo, huh Ken?"
I almost had a heart attack when he said that I needed to put up another $20 and then he gave me $4.50 in change.
$35.50 for a box of 20?
And people wonder why I reload.........

Politics in the U.S.

Bad reloads? Ya think?

Thanks Bill

Reloading tools

I got the following article off the web. While it is informative, you'll see any comments of mine in italics.

This is a rundown of the tools you'll need to get started loading ammo.

1. Work Area
Make that a clean, uncluttered, well-lit, distraction-free work area. You can't afford to be distracted while loading ammo, as either an under- or overcharged cartridge can easily lead to disaster at the range or in the field.
Okay, when the author of this article says distraction-free work area, he means it. You can't safely reload when you have music blasting, a TV blaring, a wife that's on your ass for not taking her to the coast that day or kids running in and out. I generally lock my door even if I'm alone in the house.

2. Loading Manual(s).
You will need at least one reloading manual. Manuals are available from several different sources, including powder manufacturers, bullet makers, and the folks who make reloading equipment. The cartridge you are loading may not be covered in any given manual, and it's always nice to have a couple of different resources to cross-check the data, -- so it's often a good idea to have more than source of loading data at hand. Always use a manual, and start with 10%-15% smaller powder charges than are called for, and work up from there!
ALWAYS use a manual. ALWAYS. I know every bit of my loading data by heart and I still double check every time I load. Never ever use a load that somebody else has worked up. Just because it works fine in their guns doesn't mean it will in yours. I usually start at the minimum load and work up by a tenth of a grain until I get good velocity, accuracy and an efficent powder burn. If it's not at the maximum charge, who cares?

3. Press
The press is the workhorse. Together with the loading dies, shell holders, and sometimes a priming attachment, this is the tool used for the actual loading, among other things. Many varieties are available, but the simplest press will do quite well for most shooters. Progressive presses are popular with folks who do a lot of loading, as they allow one to load more rapidly.
My press is an RCBS Rockchucker. It loads one step at a time, so I'll deprime and resize 100 cases, change the dies, bell the mouths those 100 cases, change the die, prime the cases using a separate tool, charge them, seat the bullets and crimp them if I'm loading for a revolver. If I'm loading for an automatic, I'll change to a taper crimp die and finish them off.
I bought my Rockchucker used about 25 years ago and I have absolutely no idea how old it is, but the only thing I have ever done to it is to lube the ram with a couple drops of oil once a week. Not only is it easy to maintain but I can also mount it on my tailgate if I'm working up a load at the range.

4. Dies & Shell Holders
Generally speaking, you will need a set of dies for each caliber/cartridge you load. Some sizes will be useful for more than one cartridge (i.e. you can load .38 special and .357 Magnum with the same set of dies), but as a rule the die must be tailored to the individual cartridge. Dies are used for depriming, sizing, and bullet seating. Shell holders of appropriate size for the cartridge are also needed, to be used in conjunction with the dies, on the press.
Buy carbide dies for your straight walled cases. Lubing anything is a pain in the ass and if you can avoid it, it's worth a couple extra bucks.
Also, if you're loading for an automatic pistol spend a few more bucks and buy a taper crimp die and chuck that roll crimp die into your worst enemy's yard so he can run over it with his lawnmower. Most automatics headspace on the case mouth and a roll crimp will alter that slightly.

5. Case Lube
If you will be full-length resizing your cases (shells), you will need to lubricate them, unless using a carbide size die (only available for straight-walled cases such as most handgun cartridges). This is necessary to eliminate binding of the shell in the die, leaving a stuck shell which is an all too common occurrence that will put the brakes on any loading session and necessitate the removal of the case using a special tool designed for that purpose.

6. Priming Tool
You will need to prime your brass after resizing it. Various hand-held tools are offered for this purpose, and most makes of presses make an optional attachment that will allow you to use your press for priming. Most progressive presses automatically prime shells.
If you're loading with a manual press, buy a separate priming tool. How the primer seats is very important and the priming tools that are built into the presses just don't let you feel how they're seating.

7. Powder Measure
This is another tool that is offered by several different manufacturers. Its purpose is to accurately measure powder charges into your primed cases prior to seating the bullet. Alternately, low-cost measuring scoops and a powder funnel will do the job as long as you pay strict attention to detail... different powders bulk differently, and a given scoop of one type of powder will not necessarily contain the same weight as the same scoop full of another type. Powder burning rates vary widely, so use extreme caution, pay attention to detail, and always follow your manual.
I use an RCBS powder drop and while I have never had it slip, I still weigh every tenth charge. Make sure that you clean and wipe it out when you switch types of powders for different cartridges.

8. Scale
This is a very useful and necessary tool for the handloader. Available now in electronic models as well as the old reliable balance type, a precision scale that measures in grains and fractions of grains is a must for checking powder charges. It's also handy for checking bullet weights, loaded cartridge weights (if you suspect an under- or over-charged cartridge), etc.
Make sure you get a scale that is made for reloading - measures in grains - and is accurate down to 1/10 of a grain. That ain't much but when you're loading max powder charges, a tenth of a grain makes all the difference in the world.

9. Dial Caliper
A quality dial or digital caliper is used by the handloader for taking many varieties of measurements, including (but not limited to) case length, overall cartridge length, bullet diameter, case mouth diameter, etc. I can't imagine loading without a good dial caliper.
Don't scrimp on the tool. For sure don't buy a plastic one. And unless you are intimately familiar with reading a veneer caliper, buy a dial caliper.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it's really pretty manageable. There are many other tools that may become necessary or desirable with time, such as case trimmers, tumblers, reamers, etc, but you can load a lot of ammo without all those extra goodies.
Myself, I think a case tumbler is essential. Not only do your reloads look better with shiny brass, but it saves wear and tear on your dies when you're not forcing grit into them. And the most important thing about clean brass is that it makes inspecting your cases so much easier. You can see any little crack or split with clean cases.

One more thing. Keep your loading equipment clean. Very clean. And when you're done loading for the day, clean up all powder dust, spent primers and then wipe down your bench so it'll be ready to go next time.

Just plain cute

Now what are you going to do, Dumbass?

Geek problems

For Ibeam the Mullet Hunter

Tweekers - yeah we got 'em here too

What the hell, he didn't need it anymore

St. Lucie County officials are investigating whether a firefighter took a man's severed foot from the scene of a traffic accident. On Sept. 19, a crash on I-95 caused a man's foot to be sheared off; the man survived and is undergoing treatment at a local hospital.
It's the Fire District's policy to take a severed body part with the patient to the hospital if there is any chance of reattachment, or the body part goes to the medical examiner's office. But authorities said the foot was taken to the hospital days later, on Sept. 24.
Officials would not release the name of the firefighter under investigation, but said the firefighter trains cadaver dogs, which are used to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh.

Whiskey for my men and beer for the hosses

Kinda reminds me of the H-B (H Bar B for those of you that can't read cattle brands) in Oakdale during Rodeo Week.

An armed society is a polite society

From Ruining the Internet

Susan Tedeschi sings "Wait For Me"

Susan Tedeschi is unarguably (to me, anyways) the best Contemporary Blues singer today. She plays a mean guitar, has a great band, and a voice that is not only strong but has a fantastic range. And it doesn't hurt that she is absolutely fine looking although I will admit that I was a big fan before I ever saw a picture of her.

If you've never heard anything by her before, do yourself a favor and give this a listen.

Paul Newman dead at 83

WESTPORT, Conn. - Paul Newman, the Oscar-winning superstar who personified cool as the anti-hero of such films as "Hud," "Cool Hand Luke" and "The Color of Money" — followed by a second act as an activist, race car driver and popcorn impresario — has died. He was 83.
Newman died Friday at his farmhouse near Westport following a long battle with cancer, publicist Jeff Sanderson said. He was surrounded by his family and close friends.

Sports fan

Right hand fast, left hand slow

A man walks into the dentist’s office with a toothache, and after the dentist examines him, he says, “That tooth has to come out. I’m going to give you a shot of Novocain and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
The man grabs the dentist’s arm, “No way.. I hate needles. I’m not having any shot!”
So the dentist says, “Okay, we’ll go with the gas.”
The man replies, “Absolutely not. It makes me sick for a couple of days. I’m not having gas.”
So the dentist steps out and comes back with a glass of water. “Here,” he says. ” Take this pill.”
The man asks, “What is it?”
The doc replies, “Viagra.”
The man looks surprised, “Will that kill the pain?”
“No,” replies the dentist, “but it will give you something to hold onto to."

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm at a loss for words on this one

A bird's eye view

I wouldn't fuck with him......

Truth in advertising

Maybe California should try this

I bet you do

You bet!

Going fast. Real fast.

This picture was taken just as the fighter went supersonic. Gil (an ex-fighter pilot) tells me that the cloud behind it is condensation.

Okay, I stand corrected. The condensation cloud has more to do with the moisture content in the air than breaking the sound barrier, according to Bill.
He also was kind enough to send along a link that not only explains it a hell of a better than I can but also shows more cool pictures.
Here's the first couple of paragraphs of that page:
Here are some fascinating (for some people anyway) photos and videos of interesting condensation clouds that form around jets as they fly at or near the speed of sound, (often called "going through the sound barrier" or "accelerating past the speed of sound"). Under the right conditions, and even at lower speeds, they sometimes cause a vapor cone effect.
Understand that these Prandtl-Glauert condensation clouds can also occur at lower speeds, and are not really a visible manifestation of some kind of a sound barrier being broken.
Thanks again, Bill.

So that's what it's used for!

Gotta be California (again)

How 'bout I kick your ass for free?

This just frosts my balls......

My gasoline bill runs me about 70 bucks a week for my S-10 pickup between a 70 mile round trip back and forth to work and all the other running I have to do.
I've always wondered why our lawmakers refuse to do anything about the flagrant price gouging until I read this in today's paper.
I really had to laugh at the part where the head of the Assembly Rules Committee says "I trust them". Yeah right. Trust a politician......
I know it's a long post, but it's worth the time it takes to read it.

Californians have been feeling pain at the pump for months amid record-high gas prices, with one notable exception: state lawmakers.
Members of California's Legislature enjoy a perk not available in any other state capital - unchecked use of gasoline charge cards that stick taxpayers with the bill.
Through the first seven months of the year, California taxpayers have spent $220,000 to pay the gasoline charges of their lawmakers, according to a review of records requested by The Associated Press. That includes July, when lawmakers already were passed their deadline to approve a budget and the state faced a $15.2 billion deficit.
California is unique in giving legislators free rein on transportation spending, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In most other states, lawmakers must submit the same kind of mileage expense forms used by companies to reimburse employees for their business travel.
"You have to prove what you're using it for," said Morgan Cullin, a Denver-based researcher for the bipartisan national organization.
On top of free gas, California lawmakers also get state-issued vehicles, another perk that most states avoid.
The fuel card given to lawmakers is supposed to be used "for legislative purposes," but there is no way to check if they use it for public business or private travel.
Lawmakers pull up to the pump, swipe the gas card and never see the bill, which is sent directly to the Senate and Assembly rules committees. The taxpayers take over from there.
"I trust them," said Jon Waldie, the Assembly Rules Committee's chief administrative officer.
The charge cards also can be used for incidental purchases such as snacks, drinks, windshield wipers or even oil changes. Legislative officers said there is no way to know how much lawmakers are charging for those but said the bulk of the payments are for fuel.
Robert Stern, president of the Center for Governmental Studies in Los Angeles, said use of the charge cards should be scrutinized more closely or scrapped altogether.
"There should be a random audit done of the use of the car and other expenses by an outside auditor," said Stern, the former general counsel of the California Fair Political Practices Commission. "If everybody knows there is no oversight, they're going to slip a little bit."
He said California could save money by reimbursing legislators for each mile they drive on official business instead of handing them a taxpayer-funded car and gasoline charge card. The practice of giving legislators both began about 50 years ago, when gas was cheap and part-time lawmakers earned little.
"Now they're paid a lot, and they still get the perk," Stern said.
California lawmakers make $116,208 a year plus $170 for daily expenses. The Assembly speaker and president pro tem of the Senate make $133,639 annually.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't use a state-issued gas card. As governor, his transportation is provided by the California Highway Patrol.
Lawmakers are on pace to set an annual record for gasoline charges, billing taxpayers nearly $40,000 more through July than during the same seven-month period last year. Part of that is certainly due to this year's soaring gas prices, but there is no efficient way to check whether lawmakers are driving more or cutting back on the miles they drive, as most Americans have.
Of California's 120 lawmakers, 21 charged more than $3,000 to their gasoline cards from January through July. Of those, 13 are Republicans, who preached about fiscal austerity during this summer's record-long budget impasse.

Don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer

A reporter asked a Special Forces sniper what he felt after pulling the trigger on a human being, magnified through his scope so much that he could actually see his face. Remorse? A twinge of guilt? What?
The soldier's reply?

A slight detour

I hope it hurt like hell, you freak

Fuck me with a great big stick, this brings tears to my eyes just seeing it......

For Ibeam the Mullet Hunter

Spoken like a true cowboy

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Country singer David Frizzell who turned 67 today. He's best remembered for his duet with Shelly West, "You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma"
Funny, I thought he was older than 67........


For several years, a man was having an affair with an Italian woman. One night, she confided in him that she was pregnant. Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, He paid her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child.
If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18. She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born.
To keep it discreet, he told her to simply mail him a post card, and write 'Spaghetti' on the back. He would then arrange for the child support payments to begin.

One day, about 9 months later, he came home to his confused wife. 'Honey,' she said, 'You received a very strange post card today.
"Oh, just give it to me and I'll explain it later," he said.
The wife obeyed and watched as her husband read the card, turned white, and fainted.

On the card was written: Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti.
Three with meatballs, two without.
Send extra sauce.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have a nice day, now

Why waste words?

The eight-year old boy had never spoken a word - ever.
One afternoon, as he sat eating his lunch he turned to his mother and said, “Soup’s cold.”
His astonished mother exclaimed, “Son, I’ve waited so long to hear you speak. But all these years you never said a thing. Why haven’t you spoken before?”
The boy looked at her and replied, “Up until now, everything’s been okay.”

Gotta be an Okie

Howard had felt guilty all day long. No matter how much he tried to forget about it, he couldn’t. The guilt and sense of shame was overwhelming. But every once in a while he’d hear that soothing voice trying to reassure him:
“Howard, don’t worry about it. You’re not the first doctor to sleep with one of your patients and you won’t be the last. And, you’re single. So just let it go.”
But invariably the other voice would bring him back to reality:
“Howard, you’re a veterinarian….”

Tweekers - yeah we got 'em here too

Gotta be California (again)

Assault with a deadly weapon

A West Virginia man accused of passing gas and fanning it toward a police officer no longer faces a battery charge. The Kanawha County prosecutor's office requested that the charge be dropped against 34-year-old Jose Cruz.
According to a criminal complaint, Cruz passed gas and made a fanning motion toward patrolman T.E. Parsons after being taken to the police station for a breathalyzer test. Cruz denies fanning the gas and says his request to use a restroom when first arriving at the station was denied.
An assistant says Magistrate Jack Pauley signed a motion to dismiss the charge Thursday.

Of course, that's when I was neutered....

Guys, don't tell me you haven't thought about this one time or another

Brian's Baby: Part 1

A partner of mine in North Carolina recently became a proud father.
The other day I asked him to email some pictures of his new baby, you know, give the guy a chance to brag.
I got home a little bit ago and saw an email with an attachment titled "My new baby" from him so I opened it expecting to see some little bald headed, toothless little man.
The post below is the picture that he sent.
It's a guy thing........

Brian's Baby: Part 2

I can see it now

Airport Security : What's your Name?
Passenger : Batman.
Airport Security : Your real name, please.
Passenger : My name is Bat-Man.
Airport Security : Are you trying to be funny? What is your family name?
Passenger : Superman.
Airport Security handcuffs him & puts him into a locked security room - Then they checked his Passport...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My bad

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately.
I spend 10 hours a day loading trucks with an hour drive each way.
You can see why I'm beat at the end of the day.
I'll try to post at least a couple of things each day. Please be patient and hold on 'til the weekends. I'll flood you then.......

That'll teach you, Asshole

A Portland woman who allegedly set a tow truck on fire as the driver was preparing to take her car faces arson and criminal mischief charges. A twenty-year-old woman was arraigned last week.
Court papers said the tow truck driver went to a Portland apartment complex Tuesday to tow the illegally parked car and became surrounded by an angry crowd.
The driver offered to release the car for $150, but police said the woman threatened to set the truck on fire if he didn't release the car.
The driver locked himself in the cab and called 911 and was told soon after that his truck was ablaze. He put it out with a fire extinguisher.
The woman's bond was set at $225,000. Her next court date is Thursday.

SAY WHAT??????

Gotta be California (again)

Funny, it doesn't mention the urge to get tattooed


Redneck cooler races

Yeah. Take a bath.

Why you don't loan your car to your daughter

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I bet his mother is just thrilled

Gotta be California (again)

Tweekers - yeah we got 'em here too

Myspace - a new DEAR hunting zone

A twist on the Goldilocks story

A man was charged with burglary after he allegedly broke into a home, ate cheese from the refrigerator, made a mess in a bathroom and fell asleep on a child's bed. Tracy Mullins, 47, of Billings, was arraigned in District Court on Thursday by video from the county jail.
Mullins pleaded not guilty to burglary. Judge Susan Watters set bail at $5,000 after rejecting a request that he be released without bail. Public defender Richard Phillips, who made the request, said Mullins had been receiving mental-health counseling.
Court records indicate a woman awoke in her home Monday at 8:30 a.m. to the sound of snoring coming from her 2-year-old son's bedroom. Her son had slept that night with her and her husband.
The woman said she found a strange man sleeping in her son's bed. She woke her husband and left to call police from a neighbor's house. The husband confronted the man with an unloaded shotgun and held him until police arrived.

Why in the hell would anybody hold somebody with an UNLOADED shotgun? He's lucky the burglar didn't call his bluff and shove it up his ass.

One of my antique barbed wire displays

Yeah, I collect weird stuff, one of them being antique barbed wire.
Top wire: Rowell wire.
2nd from top: Tack wire - has tacks woven in for barbs.
3rd: Bootleg wire - made by clipping one three strands and bending it up.
Bottom: Corsican clip.
The tool is is an antique combination tool.
Everything dates from the 1880s and 90s

A liter of anal gases a day? That's all?

Guess who's been in Mom's toybox

Never heard it called a dog before

My neighbor found out her dog could hardly hear so she took it to the veterinarian. He found the problem was hair in its ears and cleaned both ears and the dog could hear fine. The vet told the lady if she wanted to keep this from reoccurring she should go to the store and get some 'Nair' hair remover and rub it in its ears once a month.
My neighbor went to the drug store and got some 'Nair' hair remover. At the register, the druggist told her, 'If you're going to use this under your arms, don't use deodorant for a few days.'
The lady said, 'I'm not using it under my arms.'
The druggist said 'If you're using it on your legs, don't shave for a couple of days.'
The lady said, 'I'm not using it on my legs either; and if you must know, I'm using it on my schnauzer.'
The druggist said, 'Stay off your bicycle for a week.'

Thanks Dan

I bet she got her raise

Maria (the maid) asked her employers wife if she could have a raise. The wife was very upset about this and asked: "Now Maria, why do you want a pay increase?"
Maria: "Well Señora, there are three reasons why I want an increase. The first is that I iron better than you."
Wife: "Who said you iron better than me?"
Maria: "Your husband said so."
Wife: "Oh."
Maria: "The second reason is that I am a better cook than you."
Wife: "Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?"
Maria: "Your husband did."
Wife: "Oh."
Maria: "My third reason is that I am a better lover than you."
Wife (really furious now): "Did my husband say that as well?"
Maria: "No Señora, the gardener did."