Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bacon (Bacon. Mmmm, bacon) buying tips from Wirecutter

If you're lucky enough to live in or near an area where there's pig hunting, go to your local meat processor - you know, those places out in the country that handles hunter's kills - and ask if they have any trimmings for sale. They do a lot of times and these are great big chunks of good bacon. If you do this often enough, they'll hold these and even call when they get enough to package up for you.
Also, look at your local supermarket. Sometimes you'll see 3 pound packages of "Bacon bits & pieces". These are the same thing I just talked about - bacon trimmings. And they're not "bits", they're chunks. Great big chunks. You'll also find they run about a dollar a pound cheaper than trimmed bacon.
Damn, I'm getting a chubby just writing this out.


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