Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm pissed (again)

Does it offend anybody but me that during the campaigns, the subject of Obama's muslim ties were kept off limits by his people but in his very first public speech (in a muslim nation, no less) he bragged on his muslim (notice that I refuse to capitalize that word) background? And that he assured his listeners that "America is not your enemy?"
I wonder what our friend Israel thinks about that?

Fuck that socialist son of a bitch and the Secret Service that I wish will read this.


VC said...

I'll forward this to the SS. Can I have all your stuff after they haul you off?

wirecutter said...

I'll send you directions to where it's all buried up in the hills.

Anonymous said...

can i have you 41 magnum please :D lol yup all the hush hush muslim crap and then the first chance he gets hes over there with them that bastard!

vote andychrist for prez in 2032!!!!! if we havent had a nuclear holocaust by then and or aliens/astroid

Deb said...

Need my BB gun?