Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ibeams Gun

Attached is a photo of my gun, per your recent KNUCKLEDRAGGIN request. It's a 9000-X Super Deluxe Bubble Blower Desperado. After quite a few shots of Mad Dog 20/20 and a six pack of cheap beer, I usually bring out this beauty and take pot shots at what ever I can focus on. Nothing makes me happier then the smell of fresh gunpowder (well in this case, soap and glycerin) as I pull off fantastic shots with my Desperado. She's got literally no recoil and is comparably lighter then other guns of her catagory. Hope you enjoy the photo, and please, don't be jealous of the wonderful firearm that your East Coast buddy is the proud owner of! Keep up the daily blogging - it's a high point in my daily internet life!
--Quick Draw ibeam


wirecutter said...

Oh shit!
I saw this in my inbox and almost pissed my pants laughing!
Ibeam, you silly fucker.....

ibeam said...

Hey, don't be jealous! I got this fine sidearm in a back alley in NYC for a good price. Thankfully the serial number has long been filed off. She's done me good, and I feel much safer sleeping at night with it under my pillow. Do you have any idea where I can get a silencer for it?

LulaBelle said...

That is funny as hell