Monday, January 12, 2009

My vacation

Well, tomorrow I have to go back to work and as usual I'm sitting here thinking about all the things I accomplished during my 9 days off.
Did I do any yardwork? Nope.
Did I clean out the garage? Uh-uh.
Did I give the house a thorough cleaning? Yeah, right.
Did I prune the trees? No no no.
Did I wash my truck? Nah.
Did I chop out the stumps alongside the house? Oh hell no.
What did I do?
I FISHED! I fished my ass off. I fished 4 different lakes, 2 rivers and a pond. I fished in the morning, I fished in the evening and I fished all damned day long. 9 days of vacation and I fished 7 of them. I fished in the fog, the rain, the cold and in the sunshine. No Big-Ass Trout, but I caught more fish this last week than I did in the entire past year.
It was a great vacation.