Monday, January 12, 2009

My vacation

Well, tomorrow I have to go back to work and as usual I'm sitting here thinking about all the things I accomplished during my 9 days off.
Did I do any yardwork? Nope.
Did I clean out the garage? Uh-uh.
Did I give the house a thorough cleaning? Yeah, right.
Did I prune the trees? No no no.
Did I wash my truck? Nah.
Did I chop out the stumps alongside the house? Oh hell no.
What did I do?
I FISHED! I fished my ass off. I fished 4 different lakes, 2 rivers and a pond. I fished in the morning, I fished in the evening and I fished all damned day long. 9 days of vacation and I fished 7 of them. I fished in the fog, the rain, the cold and in the sunshine. No Big-Ass Trout, but I caught more fish this last week than I did in the entire past year.
It was a great vacation.


Tattoo Jim said...

Just wait 'till you retire. All those things you planned to do, hell, you can put them off forever. I stopped working Oct.1 or '07... haven't washed my truck once. Doesn't seem like it's all that important. The important things do get done but most things just don't seem that important.

wirecutter said...

It ain't like I'm a clean freak but this is the first decent vehicle I've ever owned.
I had an old Dodge truck about 20 years ago that had so much mud and dirt on the hood, we actually used it to make contour maps of where we were hunting.

yolo said...

something smells fishy
about this story.......

wirecutter said...

Hey, I showered on Wednesday. Or was it Thursday?