Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Poor Dad

Not only did Dad not catch his BAT yesterday but we got skunked. Not a fucking fish was caught between the two of us.
That was probably the first time in 2 years that this has happened. I mean, there's been times when we've gone out together and ONE of us didn't catch fish, but at least one of us had a catch. Not yesterday though.
What was funny about the whole deal was we were the only ones on the lake that were fishless. Granted the fishing was kinda slow for everybody, but they were catching one every great once in a while.
It wasn't for a lack of trying though, I double damn guarantee you that. I always had one rod out with bait and was throwing lures with another. I tossed so many damned lures that my back was killing me by 3 in the afternoon.
The high point of the day was when we were leaving. Dad looked up the rock face of the dam and said "I don't know, that's a whole lot of up, Boy (49 years old and he still calls me Boy)." And it was, maybe 250 feet of mud, wet shale and boulders we had to billygoat almost straight up to get to the truck.
Once we started up, I got a little ahead of him, just concentrating on finding some sure footing. All of a sudden I heard his tackle box start rattling and bouncing off rock. I whipped around and saw him maybe 20 feet below me, slipping and sliding with one leg pointed straight out.
"Fall down and spread out" I hollered as I dumped my gear and slid down to where he was at, getting there just in time for him to do one of them fancy Ice skating whirlygigs and hit the rocks.
He lay there stunned for a minute.
"Fucker, you keep tumbling down hillsides everytime we go, Mom ain't gonna let you go fishing with me no more. You break anything this time?"
"No, I don't think so," he says. "You gonna stop laughing long enough to help me up?"
It took me a minute to stop giggling and catch my breath. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it - I'm laughing now when I picture the whole thing again. Where's a video camera when you need it?

I took a break today from fishing. I cleaned house, ran some errands and napped most of the day. Besides, my legs are sore from lugging all of our gear and Dad the rest of the way up the dam face.


yolo said...

OMG, your poor dad, and you are too funny! My mom broke her leg & was in a wheelchair & i took her shopping. Forgot to set the brake and she rolled backwards down the parking lot, with me chasing after her. Caught her before the big rollover , but thought i would pee my pants i was laughing so hard. Wasn't laughing much after having to drag her, and the chair, back up the incline though. Still makes me giggle, she almost had to go to therapy though!

VC said...


wirecutter said...

Yolo, I bet your mom is still pissed at you over that one. Funny thing, they say older folks' memories are the first thing to go yet they can remember everything you've ever done to piss 'em off.