Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Tonight, channel 3 KCRA news (NBC, Sacramento) covered the funeral of TJ Gonzales, a soldier from Newman CA killed in Sadir City, Iraq.
They devoted less than 30 seconds to this soldier.
They gave more air time to 2 horses that threw their riders at a park because they were spooked by ATVs.
You fuckers......


Chris Wood said...

That's a disgrace.

LulaBelle said...


Jamie Dawn said...

All I can say is RIGHT ON to your post about priorities.
What a crazy world we have when one of our finest is killed in the line of duty, and a news show gives more time to some silly story about horses and ATVs.
Thanks, fellow blogger, for pointing this out.
TJ deserves our honor, admiration, and respect.
God be with his family.

wirecutter said...

You're welcome Jamie, and I'm so sorry for your loss. Please extend my sympathies to the family when you next see them.