Monday, January 05, 2009

Steve's guns

Here's a spread with my rifle and Glock 22C, including enough rounds and "high-capacity" magazines (15 for the Glock, 30 for the AR) to make Sarah Brady cry and cause Paul Helmke to wet himself. My question still stands. Does Paul Helmke has a penis? Real men don't act the way he does around guns. If you can't watch someone fire a .50 cal and think, "Cool!," but instead think up reasons to ban them, you have manliness issues.
Fucking A, man. I know some women too that feel the way we do, too.
Damn, all these nice guns make me jealous.


Steve said...

I have a good supply of ammo, not a large cache by any means.

As far as magazines, I have 10 15-round mags for the Glock, and 14 30-round PMAGs and 10 30-round metal magazines for the AR. I figured I'd stock up. I'm still going to get another 6 PMAGs to make it an even twenty.

wirecutter said...

Gotta lay in a good supply of both. I've probably got 5 thousand rounds of ammo in assorted calibers and enough supplies to match that in reloads.
No, it's not in my house and not in one spot, either.

skipelec said...

3k of .308, 2k of 7mm, 2k of 8mm, 5000 of .45ACP, 1k of 9mm, 00 buck, birdshot, .22lr 5k.
Nothing in the same place, twice the above within bug out distance, BoB will keep us goin' for three weeks.
Tween huntin'',fishin', and whatever We will get through it!
I'm faithfull that when they issue the ORDER, my patriots on board will not fire on the kids, but we will not kneel down.