Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God I'm a man

Somebody suggests a drink, what goes through YOUR mind?


LulaBelle said...

Ahh, I get it. Very true! We can't just leave the house!

bookmole said...

Mn. Ask me if I want a drink, it is either a long (cold beer) or short (whiskey, no ice). Maybe something long and short (a Bloody Mary if I have a hangover, or a Jack & Coke if I want the evening to last).

WTF do have clothes got to do with it? Shit. Am I supposed to colour-co ordinate my clothing and my drinking. Bugger.

Yeah. Never leaving the house. Just tie the drunk on at home...

wirecutter said...

Damn Bookmole, I like you. Straight whiskey, ready to go at a moments notice or stay home and puke in your own bathroom.

I never could understand why anybody would want to fuck up a good whiskey with ice. You want it cold, put it in the refrigerator.