Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True, so true

Why are people more afraid of harmless dead bodies than living people?
It's the living, breathing fuckers who'll mess you up every time.

Tattoo Jim


Deb said...

More importantly, why is Tattoo Jim afraid to start a blog and hiding here in Sunshine's blog? Don't tell me he has cats, too.

Damn. Two guys, one blog.

Tattoo Jim said...

Sorry Deb, no cats. The wife is not a pet person. No critters in the house that can lick their butt and then want to kiss you or walk in their own crap and then walk over the kitchen counters. Nope, I'm allowed in the house and that's as far as it goes!

Nope, this is the Wirecutters blog... I'm just White Trash like him! God bless us, everyone! Just come on down and give it a try... ya know ya wanna!!!!!