Thursday, January 08, 2009

RF's Guns

Hey Ken,
I want to play, too.
Clockwise from one o'clock.
Colt M1911A1 .45 ACP Mfg. Sept. 1944.
HK Compact USP .45 ACP Mfg. 2000.
Bernadelli Model 60 .380.
Thomas & Sons pocket pistols. Mfg. 1780's (I think, maybe 1770's).
Hopkins & Allan Police Safety 5 shot .32 cal. Mfg.1900's.
Colt .22 LR Mfg. 1960's.
Rohm und Haas .44 magnum Mfg. 1970's.
Suhl .41 Calvary revolver Mfg. 1893 - This single action German revolver unusual, it has a safety, the hammer almost required two hands to cock, but the trigger release is under 5 lbs.
Brother, You've got some nice contemporary handguns, but I'm really admiring your antiques.

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Ride Fast said...

Funny thing is, each antique shown was acquired from someone who just didn't want guns of any kind in their homes.

I offered to pay for each, but they said just taking them away was payment enough. Sweet.