Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day is sneaking up

Kill the little bastard on sight.


kelly said...

i'm actually happy my girl is gone with valentines coming up, i'll save a ton of money and i won't have to share my beer with her. woohoo!

Tattoo Jim said...

It's my wife's birthday in a couple of days so we don't sweat heart day. I hate those Hallmark holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

put a 180gr hornaday sst right in the back of the head...glad im single this year


wirecutter said...

Well, I just got a new Sweetie, but the good thing is that the relationship is so new I can probably just get away with a box of candy (if I don't scarf it first) and some flowers.
Next year is gonna be a motherfucker though if she hasn't run me off by then.