Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Me in 20 years

Yeah, rollin hard with my 41 magnum under my shawl, beer in hand and a stiffie (I hope).


Tattoo Jim said...

Look for "members of the current administration" to ban that symbol of Southern heritage. YES, SOUTHERN HERITAGE, NOT RACISM, AS MOST PEOPLE ARE TAUGHT!!! The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been fighting this battle for years. This will probably happen, quietly, behind the smoke from the gun control battles. It's all about change... farther and farther from common sense.
I do love America but, sometimes, Americans irritate the shit out of me because of the stupidity!!! Enough said.

Anonymous said...

they see me rollin..they hatin :P

i agree with jim im proud to be southern i had a rebel flag hanging up in my gun room/man cave