Sunday, March 29, 2009

I can liven up any party.....

About 20 years ago one of the guys on my crew was shot while rolling dice in an alley.
Now why he was rolling dice in an alley and why he didn't shoot first I'll never know, but I did have a funeral to attend.
The burying ground was about 10 miles from here, not too far from a railroad marshalling yard and naturally I got held up by a freight train as it backed up, moved forward, and backed up again for about 20 minutes.
When I FINALLY got to the funeral I was just a little late (fucking train), so as to not disturb the mourners with my loud-ass mufflers, I cut the ignition on my 64 Chevy truck and planned to coast up to the party in progress, but I underestimated the distance and the amount of cars there on the curbside and seeing that I was going to come up just a bit short so I switched the ignition back on causing the truck to backfire.
When that happened, several bags of dope were thrown into the grave, two mourners took off running, 3 drew pistols to return fire and a couple more threw up their hands and surrendered outright.

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Tattoo Jim said...

Now THAT sounds like the startin' of a fine party!!!