Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trapped again!

Okay, once again I'm having a busy weekend. No posts until Sunday PM.
Sorry, but some things (and a woman) are more important to me than my blog.....
Y'all understand, I'm sure.


Tattoo Jim said...

You got, bro... do what you gots to do and enjoy!!!!

Later, my friend.

Tattoo Jim

badgirl33 said...

what..u leave us for a chick??? *cries bitterly* oh well men.... *wink*

wirecutter said...

Jim, I am enjoying!

Badgirl, Oh, but what a chick!!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont know man this chick is getting in the way of your blogging :P..i dont know when was the last time we had a true life story