Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deb's gonna be pissed, Jim

O.k. this just made me laugh after I said "wtf"! then I thought of Nut-Job over at Drivel Land. Oh Deb!
Tattoo Jim


Deb said...

Maybe THAT's her problem! She's friggin' GAY, and I don't mean 'happy'! Now I have to play gay music for her and change her name to Leslie? JHC, WTF is next?

Tattoo Jim said...

Aw don't worry too much about it Deb. Maybe she's just going through a phase... kind of like Michael Jackson!!

I know, I know, Wirecutter! Again with the "Michael Jackson"? It just shows that no matter how bad you think things are... could be worse! Hehehe....