Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tattoo Jim's on a roll

O.K. all the funnies aside, seriously, to all you liberal gun haters in Congress, don't even think about taking away my 2nd Amendment Rights!! Again, seriously, just think about it for one minute. There are CRIMINALS our there... o.k.??? They are the ones who are committing the CRIMES, thus the term CRIMINALS! Are you with me so far??? If you take away MY RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF, and the CRIMINALS STILL HAVE THEIR GUNS (still with me? cause as CRIMINALS they haven't turned in their guns), and considering that the cops can't be everywhere, all the time, I'M FUCKED!!! MY FAMILY IS FUCKED!!! MY FRIENDS ARE FUCKED!!! And guess what, liberal anti-gun people... YOU'RE FUCKED!!!Just remember "a gun in the hand is worth more than a cop on the phone"!!!
(I've been reading Curtis Lowe's blog again... you should too.)
I'll stop now.
Tattoo Jim
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Andy said...

amen brother..but the problem we have right now here in texas is finding reloading supplys

Anonymous said...

Wow...Thanks for the plug guys. Just added you to my blog roll too, seeing as I am here everyday anyway...

JeffH said...

This link is for you!

Tattoo Jim said...

Just got a delivery of 1000 rounds of .22 hollow points for plinking... I've got 200 rounds or .22 mags on the way too... just for plinking... you wouldn't believe how much my wife, her sisters and niece love to go plinking! It's hard to find any kind of ammo anywhere! Guess we owe Obamafuck "thanks" for that. What's that you say Wirecutter????