Friday, May 08, 2009

Gun Control explained

Hey, Wirecutter love the site. Too many pussified "humor" sites out there. Very refreshing to see honesty and no pussification of the "bad" kind. Keep the "good" pussification coming. Nice mix. Anyway, don't know if you have seen this one or not but thought of Knuckledraggin when I got it. Post it if you want or tell me to fuck off. Just as well either way. Thanks again for the entertainment.
StevieNatt - in Denver, formerly of Owasso, OK....yeah I'm one of 'em.....
Oklahoma...... Damned near as good as bacon.


Tattoo Jim said...

Fuckin' A, baby!!!!

cbullitt said...

Well, since I'm a fan of of "good" pussy--see spassfabrik--and bacon, I stole this one.
It's the asshole thing to do.