Monday, May 25, 2009

Shut up. Nobody likes you anyhow.

Cindy Sheehan to Truthout:
"I can guarantee what you won't see this holiday weekend are images of the over one million Iraqi dead. Say we assign, in an arbitrary way for purely illustrative purposes, an average height of five feet for every person killed in Iraq and then line those people up from head to toe. That gruesome line would stretch from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon - 950 driving miles up Interstate 5. If we count the Iraqis who have been forced to flee, we would have to go back and forth between Los Angeles and Portland another four times."

Cindy, you lost any sympathy I MIGHT have had for you the day I saw the picture of you being carried off of Bush's property with that smug little smile on your face. You used the death of your son Casey for your own glorification and now you use this National Holiday honoring our war dead for the same purpose? You should be forever shamed. Rot in hell, bitch.


Andy said...

im sorry that her son died and i am grateful he died for out nation and i thank him for that..but HE CHOSE to join the army no one forced him to do anything so tough shit bitch cindy sheehan is nothing but a worthless cunt go to fuckin thearpy if your having trouble dealing with the death of your son

george dub my have taken us to iraq but i de believe he did it for what at the time he thought was right and i cant blame a man for personally in a true *war* you kill every living get off my soap box

Tattoo Jim said...

Andy said it... I, too, am sorry he had to die but he died for what he believed in. If she can't or won't see that the she has no respect for her own son and his belief's. That's one sad mother who can't respect her own flesh and blood.
And NO, they wouldn't line up from where ever to where ever here in the U.S.A. You wanna line 'em up Cindy??? Go over there and line 'em up. Go ahead and see if they give a fuck about you, Cindy... they hate you worse than they hate the war 'cause "you're an American"... get it????

wirecutter said...

Casey was a soldier and died a soldier. I have a feeling he would be ashamed and embarassed over his mother's actions.