Thursday, June 04, 2009

Craig from England

You asked, so here's a little about me.
36, male, English. So far managed to avoid marriage and kids.
I have many interests, but if I can work beer, boobs or cars into them, so much the better. I'm quite big on movies, and my own blog is a, somewhat neglected, movie review site. it's here if you want a look
I do have an interest in guns, but strict laws here prevent me from owning any. I'm rather fond of the Beretta 92FS, and if I could own a handgun, it'd be that one. Rifles appeal too, things like a Dragunov or WA 2000 (the last one is a holy grail, 72 made, uber expensive).
You may like this page which has pics and info on some very unusual guns. The whole site is pretty cool to be honest.
I do have a typically British sense of humour, dry, sarcastic and I don't take myself seriously in any way.
Anyway, hello from merry olde England.

And hello to you from the Gay Socialist Republic of Kalifornia, Craig!